Want ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ as your ringtone? Here you go

The ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ chant, to the tune of the White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army, has become a phenomenon across the country, much to the annoyance of Tories (red and blue).

First heard at Tranmere Rovers’ football ground when Corbyn spoke to the Wirral Live music festival, it spread to Glastonbury, where it was sung by hundreds of thousands of festival-goers and has been sung by similar numbers of people on protests – and even during England cricket matches.

Things have got so ‘bad’ that the organisers of Wimbledon felt the need to ban it from their tennis tournament. Can’t have people being put off their £2-a-strawberry snacks or whatever.

The SKWAWKBOX has had a number of people asking whether there’s a ringtone of the chant, so we made one for you, taken from its original manifestation at Wirral Live. Just save this to your phone and set it as your ringtone:

To download the file, touch and hold or right-click here and select ‘save target as’ (or equivalent on your system).

Now you can worry and annoy Tories wherever you go. The ringtone is entirely free, but if you’d like to make a donation to the SKWAWKBOX to support its work, then click here.



  1. “Things have got so ‘bad’ that the organisers of Wimbledon felt the need to ban it from their tennis tournament.”

    Is this for real? Wouldn’t surprise me, if so. After all, look who they drum up for ‘entertainment’ when it starts raining…Says enough about the sort that like tennis, for me.

    1. The tournament’s bankers are HSBC. They’ve plastered their brand name across the little tubs of strawberries, which are priced to deter the riff raff at approx £2 per strawberry. Most of us would baulk at paying this for half a FKN kilo.

      The sooner Corbyn and McDonnell get in, serve some aces, put an end to these rackets and have the toffs scampering for new balls, the better.

    2. I hope someone is brave enough to start it on the last day.. what’s the worst that can happen?

    1. Pretty much any model out there now will have the option to save a sound file and set it as your default ringtone. Try googling the process for the model you have first!

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