Listen: horrific antisemitic voice message sent to left-wing Jewish Labour activist

Warning: the audio message below contains extreme, abusive language. Do not listen if you may find it triggering

Jenny Manson is the Chair of the left-wing Jewish group Jewish Voice for Labour. As a prominent voice refuting media claims that there is widespread antisemitism in the Labour Party, she is frequently the target of abuse – in many cases extreme.

Last week Ms Manson appeared on Newsnight and other media three times to discuss the issue of antisemitism in the Labour Party. On Saturday, the horrifying message below was left on her home phone:

The matter is being investigated by police. Ms Manson also received a similarly horrific email, though it is not yet known whether the same person is behind it.

The abuse is not limited to electronic media – Ms Manson told the SKWAWKBOX that she is frequently stopped in the street in her home area in London by individuals behaving aggressively as a result of her support for the Labour Party.

Last week another Jewish supporter of Jeremy Corbyn also received threats, which the Metropolitan Police Service is investigating. An update from the Met is awaited.

If you think you recognise the voice of the person who left the vile message, email details to tips@skwawkbox.com and the information will be forwarded to the police.


  1. How stupid! Calling a jewish person a Nazi is the depth of stupidity !It’s like calling a white suprematist the N word !

    It shows the prejudice is predicated on ignorance ! They can’t even get their curses correct !

    1. Solidarity with Jenny and JVL are brilliant!
      I am getting my union to affiliate to JVL at our next meeting.
      Solidarity & X.

  2. he is not jewish, nasty horrible person. sounds deranged, honestly think he is very bitter at his lot in life. Probably feels everybody is picking on him so this is the perfect way to him to get his own back and be in control. had a phonecall once that was abusive , the person had problems, he was saying a lot of things and getting listened to, then he was ignored , thats when I had abuse off him on the phone. This sounds like someone with a grudge,insignificant twerp, trouble is he could be dangerous if other people want to use him to achieve their purpose.

    1. “he is not jewish”.

      We simply don’t know. Part of anti-racism is accepting that a generalised allegiance or identity is no guarantee of anything – positive or negative. Jackie Walker has been similarly hounded by distortions of that basic fact.

    2. No, Maria, he’s NOT deranged. He is acting, and I have no doubt that he is reading from a script.

      ‘The abuse is not limited to electronic media – Ms Manson told the SKWAWKBOX that she is frequently stopped in the street in her home area in London by individuals behaving aggressively as a result of her support for the Labour Party.’

      She is a target of the deep state, and believe me, they have thousands of psychopaths in their employ, and *I* can testify to THAT! I mean does anyone seriously believe for one moment that she just happens to be out and about in her home town and just happens, by chance, to encounter individuals frequently that abuse her. Well, what a coincidence. No, no, no, it is all co-ordinated I can assure you, as with the abuse that Jackie Walker receives, for example. They are paid agents of the state, and THAT is what they are paid to do.

      Does anyone seriously think that the same PTB that fabricated the falsehoods about WMD etc AND invaded a soverign country on the back of those lies, which led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians, men, women and children, and bombed the infrastructure to smithereens etc, etc, etc, has any qualms whatsoever about using terror tactics against their enemies, as THEY no doubt see them.

      I mean time and time again we are being told that so-and-so has received numerous threats and/or vile abuse, and yet how many of the culprits end up being caught. Or in these times of mass surveillance, are we really supposed to believe there are all these thousands of nutters out there who just happen to know how to circumvent the system.

      1. Allan Howard, your comment chilled me, and the worst thing about it is that I find it plausible! You highlight the importance of ordinary people coming together on divisive matters, and not allowing these wreckers to spread a climate of fear. Our great weapons are hope and solidarity.

      2. So on the one hand, they in effect use terror tactics on Jews who support Jeremy Corbyn, whilst on the OTHER hand, they cause concern and consternation amongst a large section of the Jewish community with all their numerous false claims of anti-semitism about Jeremy and the left. And needless to say – as others have pointed out – the vile abuse and threats that JC supporting Jews receive rarely, if ever, gets any coverage by the MSM. So as far as the general public is aware, it’s only coming from ONE side, albeit the vast majority of it fabrication, as with Luciana Berger’s recent claim about the hand-delivered letter AND the threat made to her unborn – at the time – child.

        Not to mention Chris Williamson and Asa Winstanley, just TWO of the latest victims of this witch-hunt!

        Regarding the video of the Momentum meeting, it’s interesting that the person who covertly filmed it appears to be sitting three rows back, and yet it’s only directly in front of them that no-one else is sitting and, as such, they get a clear view straight ahead of proceedings, which is very convenient, to say the least. Anyone have any thoughts on it (and apparently, the video was ‘obtained’ by the Yorkshire Post).


      3. Clearly, the video and its reporting is a set-up. Look at the range of dishonest Israel lobbyist characters being interviewed or shown. Then look at the amount of examination given to what Chris Williamson *actually* said.

        ‘Deep State’? more ‘Israeli State’ and fellow travellers.

    3. Are you on about women worrier watty. Saw him on utube going on about AS. How long can one stay and wobble to great heights in a party which includes hundreds or thousands of ASers? Dog mess is hard to scrape off one’s shoe when there are several layers. We can still win and the more dismissive the reports are the better. I’m knocking on and I have yet to meet an AS in the party. Regards

  3. Feel very sad for Jenny.🙁 Is there anything we can do to help her? I’ve joined JVL and our Bromley Momentum group have affiliated. Bloke sounds like a total dickhead. He seems to know a lot about hell didnt know you burned in acid there but hey what do I know. Keep fighting Jenny✊🏼Your doing an amazing job🌹

  4. Jackie Walker – and I guess other real anti-racists – have received similar.

    I would hesitate to speculate on the origins – apart from the fact that a high proportion come from nut-jobs and saddos.

    But how much of this sort of thing is turned into ‘institutional antisemitism’ by the Israel lobby when directed at their troops?

    Question for the EHRC: How many such incidents directed at opponents of the Israel lobby have been reported and investigated by the NEC?

  5. The person who left this message sounds mentally ill – they also sound a little robotic to me, as they repeat their limited vocabulary in a dogged monotone, they sound as if they are drugged, like on heavy medication. Perhaps local healthcare staff who listen to the recording might be able to identify the voice of a patient. Concerns about patient confidentiality obviously exist, but this sick person sounds dangerous and needs to be found before their anger escalates to physical violence.

    1. the problem with social media is that people come home from the pub, angry and pissed off and drunk and let their innermost hatreds stream out unfiltered. Would you give any credence to a staggering drunk in casualty, blood streaming from his face and screaming obscenities? Of course not. Nevertheless nobody wants to hear it and all praise to Jenny.

  6. Doing what Jenny does takes real bravery and determination. She deserves so much respect.

  7. …..and those who make claims about the Labour Party being overrun with racists need to realise that their smears have consequences. They (and the media which uncritically report the smears) bear some responsibility for this, even if not directly. It’s creating a ‘hostile environment’.

    1. I agree Simon. The Sun, Express, Star, Mail have contributed to this for years by equating ISIS (Dayesh) and Al Quaeda with ‘all UK Muslims’ -and stoking racism , and it has been added to by May’s Hostile Environment policy, supported by Amber Rudd. In the UK you will find most anti-Semitism comes from the extreme right and all violent anti-Semitism comes from the extreme right.

  8. Unfortunately I can’t play the recording. Jenny is brilliant. I heard from a friend that she was asked to leave her long term choir in Golders Green because of her role in Jewish Voice for Labour. She is always so eminently pleasant, calm and reasonable and must feel enormously hurt and despairing inside. JVL needs all the financial and moral support it can get .

    1. Social exclusion is a powerful weapon. Being asked to leave because you disagree with others is appalling.

  9. People above seem to understand the issue straight away. What is this deranged individual trying to say? If he has any point at all it is very confused! I know hatred is often beyond reason, however this endless repetitive abuse merely undermines the abuser’s worth, even as an offender. Possibly drunk, doped, mentally imbalanced?
    How did this abuser know Ms Manson’s phone number or e-mail address? Do I get a whiff of political manipulation? Hmmmmm? Not very good at manipulation is he?!

  10. This is terrifying to hear. It needs to be stubbed in the nib. Trying to apologizing/justifying/minimising this behaviour is dangerous. There are no mitigating reasons for this behaviour. It is totally unacceptable, and that person needs to be caught and face the music. Not all people who say these things have mental health issues, are drugged up to their eyeballs or have taken temporary leave of their senses.

  11. It’s a sad reflection of our society that panders to these far right abusers. My sympathies go out to Jenny having to hear such disgusting language. Whoever gave this person her telephone number and email address should consider their conscience, if they have one! The far right are on the match in no small part due the vile bile that is regurgitated from The Mail, S*n & Express! Considering the horrific events in New Zealand today, there needs to be some serious reflection by the MSM on how they not only present news but their attitude towards I diverse communities in this country.

  12. It was UKIP that made them think their views were gaining support – becoming mainstream even.
    This jerk sounded to me like he was deliberately speaking in a monotone to prevent anyone familiar with his real voice identifying him.
    Let’s hope GCHQ have the decency to exceed their remit of just maintaining the establishment in power.

  13. Solidarity with Jenny and JVL are brilliant!
    I am getting my union branch to affiliate to JVL and you should too – we will show these bastards!
    Solidarity & X!

  14. Unspeakably vile, utterly disgusting, bone-chilling bilge. I can’t imagine what it must be like when, late at night you are perhaps feeling sleepy and preparing for bed when the phone rings, and you are suddenly piched into abject terror by an anonymous psychopathic male voice at the end of your phone. My heartfelt sympathy and solidarity to Jenny Manson.

    I can only hope, in common with others, that the powers-that-be who are charged with responsibility for public safety put every effort into catching the creature responsible. A cursory look at today’s MSM press on my part did not result in the discovery of any report on the incident. Perhaps I did not look thoroughly enough. Or perhaps the MSM do not give a shit about anyone subject to such a horrific psychological assault, Jewish or not, if they are a socialist/left wing. Imagine the outrage if the victim had been Luciana Berger or Margaret Hodge.

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