Tories’ massive self-own as they desperately try to attack Labour’s NHS video

Last night the Labour Party broadcast yet another powerful video, this time on the NHS – and yet again, it clearly has the Tories in a panic.

So desperate were the Conservatives to take down the video’s hard-hitting realities – and so bereft of anything positive to say about the catastrophic effects of Tory government on the NHS – that they produced a video attacking the Labour broadcast, clearly thinking they’d found a huge ‘gotcha’:

“We can’t let them get away with” – what, exactly?

The Tory video shows flashes of the people who appeared in the Labour broadcast, flashing up in glaring capitals: “ALL. THESE. PEOPLE. ARE. ACTORS”:

The premise of the Tory video is that Labour claimed its broadcast was ‘real people’ – but used actors. The Conservatives even reproduced – probably unlawfully – information from the casting company’s ad in a follow-up tweet and got a warning from the company:

But there’s a huge problem with the Tories’ effort – and it comes right at the beginning of Labour’s outstanding video:

All those Tory contortions – just to make themselves look complete twits, when they do it effortlessly every day anyway.

In a timely fashion, news emerged this morning showing the absolute blight that the Tories are on our NHS:

If you haven’t seen Labour’s outstanding video, or want to watch it again, here it is. Do share – and make sure to let everyone know just how desperate the politically and morally bankrupt Tories are, too:

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  1. For many many up and down the UK they don’t need to see a video to enforce what they are witnessing day in day out as they have suffered the consequences and no amount of baloney can hide that

    Ill give you one personal account I was in the QA Hospital having a radical cystectomy that for starters had missed the cancer treatment target by 8 weeks

    Anyway bar the actual operation the after care particularly at night was very poor with not enough staff to monitor the 30+ beds on the urology ward

    With an RC comes a paralysed bowel and then onset of involuntary evacuation this is not unusual for such an operation.

    Anyway I was left one night in a bed full of excrement as despite pressing the red button a number of times for assistance needing a full bed change and clean up no one came until the consultancy rounds in the morning

    I was also not getting enough wound changes and it was constantly leaking fluid seeping through that needed another over night stay after discharge

    I do not blame the NHS or its staff and I imagine this is getting common across the NHS due to a lack of employees

    So the Tory’s can go to hell as we know it is very different as to how they paint it.

  2. There’s a huge storm brewing re Tory controlled Oswestry Town Council. Would Skwawkbox be interested in this?

  3. Wow, they are really on the ball!

    Yes, the use of actors would make sense to preserve the anonymity of the people themselves.

    For the benefit of the Conservatives:

    The series the Clangers that was on TV years ago, well they were not real creatures that lived on the moon. No, they were actually puppets!

  4. I’ll never forgive the Tories for what they’ve done. My father was dying in hospital from cancer, he’d fallen several times & was confused & wouldn’t use a commode so was in hospital to sort him out.

    We arrived for visiting couldn’t find him, eventually another patient says he’s in the loo. Went to check up on him & he was stuck on the loo crying been there hours & too confused to pull the cord. Called for staff no one came, pulled the disabled emergency alarm & all staff kept walking past ignoring the alarm. Only way we got him out was to go & tell staff to sort him out was horrific.

    He was left in A&E ward for 3 days whilst dying from cancer, we demanded he be moved so they spitefully put him on a ward with building work 8 hours a day

    Another poor chap was made to sit on this alarm pad so if you get up a 120dB alarm goes off, it was broken so everytime this poor guy moved it went off causing my dad to cry & humiliating the other guy. After about 20 times I took the alarm off the chap chucked it out of the room towards the empty nurses desk & STILL no one came to investigate.

    My father was going downhill & tired so they took him off morphine & put him on Cocodamol 30mg of codeine I had a stronger dose than that for a bruised bottom. They only gave him that after I ranted at them over his pain relief they were going to go cold turkey on morphine & leave him with NOTHING.

    Social care was a nightmare he got overnight care but no help for anyone during the day. Carers often just didn’t turn up leaving my mum getting no sleep for days.

    The NHS & social care was a complete disaster for him & it’s left me scarred for life what I saw, what he was put thru, what we had to do & so on. If I ever face that diagnosis & the Tories are still in power I will commit suicide before I get to that point.

  5. I feel for ‘Anon’ and ‘LeonC’. Their experiences are truly horrific.

    I just felt the need to say that, despite all the constraints, the experience of he NHS isn’t always like that.

    I may be lucky in living within the remit of a particularly good and well-run major teaching Trust, but, in 6 years of frequent contact, involving two major operations and frequent timetabled essential ancillary procedures on a 3 & 6 month basis, I have never experienced anything but excellent treatment from generally superb staff. This has involved three different hospitals – and I can say the same for all. Any niggles I have are minor ones.

    Similarly, the treatment of my mother in her final two years was – by and large- extremely good.

    Just felt the need to say that, although this may not be a universal experience, and is obtained against increasing odds, the NHS can still be exemplary.

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