Video: Labour’s powerful new broadcast speaks human – and it’s no wonder

The steep change in the quality and accessibility of Labour’s ‘party political broadcasts’ (PPBs) since the election of Jeremy Corbyn as party leader has been unmissable.

And it’s no wonder, since the party now stands for something clear, something for which there’s a huge appetite among our people – and it’s driven by people who are genuinely inspired and passionate about it.

Labour’s latest video, which goes out tonight on broadcast channels and is already out on social media, is a further step forward. It ‘speaks human’ – and it speaks credible hope:

The video was created by excellent film-maker Simon Baker, who will be known to many on social media as a key force involved in the well-known “@EL4JC” Twitter account, a source of hugely powerful and successful pro-Labour, anti-Tory videos.

Congratulations to Simon – and congratulations to Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour for harnessing the skills and passion of the movement to reach others who will be eager for the party’s message.

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  1. I watched that video and it made me feel quite sad.

    The destruction of Britain and of the working class has been so thorough and so vicious. Britain is indeed broken. Labour must win the next election. Another Conservative government is unthinkable.

    I would like our culture to begin acknowledging the crime that is the Atos/DWP deaths. I want neoliberalism and our politicians to be held to account. Rusting gates and abandoned businesses are only part of the picture. There has been a mini Holocaust. Thousands of sick and disabled people have been erased – each story is a tragedy. I want Labour to honor their memory.


    1. The only thing I might add to the video is Barry Gardiner quietly whistling ‘The Red Flag’ in the background.
      Thought it was brave of him to whistle it at Conference today. Not as amazingly brilliant as my late grandad but still good 🙂

  2. Atos/DWP deaths. I want neoliberalism and our politicians to be held to account yes thousands and thousands sadly died at this gov hands we been robbed blind by them under guise austerity its about time we had a peoples gov into power and hold those before for their crimes against their own peoples

    1. Hopefully the ATOS bosses in charge along with those ministers responsible for the murderous policies will be in court then jail

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