Walk-out group set to be tiny as impressed old foes stick with Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn during this week’s PMQs

In spite of the best efforts of their friends in the media to talk up their plans over the last couple of days, the SKWAWKBOX understands that the group of Labour MPs planning – or even considering – a walk-out to a ‘new centrist party’ is tiny.

The word inside the party is that many former foes on the back benches, impressed by Corbyn’s statesmanship in the Brexit issue and beyond, have quietly decided to spurn any attempts to woo them to the centrist venture.

Signs of the sea-change have been seen this week with positive social media contributions about the leadership – or put-downs of MPs trying to stir trouble – from unexpected ‘moderate’ sources.

Alongside this has been a marked recent decrease in nonsense about a lack of leadership on the Brexit issue except from a few of the ‘usual suspects’ – a very few of whom are among the handful predicted to jump ship.

Assuming of course, that the lack of company for their departure doesn’t cause even the would-be splitters – few enough to count with the fingers of one hand or very nearly – to lose their nerve.

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  1. As I’ve said time & again, the Labour Party is no more than a meal ticket to these leeches. Dug in like Alabama ticks the second they were elected.

    It’s time to eliminate the parasites. That’s what they are, and you all know who they are.

    If they don’t go voluntarily – push them.

  2. “lose their nerve”?
    What nerve?
    Their actions have been consistently cowardly and dishonest all through. Why would they change the habits of a lifetime of cowardice?
    They won’t. It’s as simple as that.

  3. The people concerned have not been named but every one of us knows who they are. There is absolutely no chance of them leaving Labour and jumping off the gravy train voluntarily. Toffee (597) is right . If they don’t go we will have to deselect them.
    Regarding the back benchers who have suddenly decided to stop undermining Jeremy, us and our policies I think it is clear that their motive is simple self preservation. This worries me. What guarantee have we that if they are elected as Labour MPs at the next General Election they won’t resign the whip post election or worse still hold us to ransom in the event of a hung parliament/ small Labour majority afterwards?
    There is no doubt about it. We need a clear out and soon

  4. ‘I think it is clear that their motive is simple self preservation.’

    Oh yes indeed. Very much yes indeed, smartboy. (Very apt name, haha!)

    Haven’t heard much by way of dissent from the likes of angela (ill)eagle these last few weeks & months. Her twin sister, mcgovern, twigg, nandy, stringer, powell, mcreagh, etc…All of them (plus many more) keeping a low profile recently…I haven’t forgotten them, though. Nor will I forgive most of them.

    Make sure you don’t, and constantly remind your neighbours and friends wherever it applies.

    Wonder why they’re quiet? No coincidence that we barely hear anything from my MP (Eagle. A.) on local issues until election time. I’m sure the same applies to most of the others I’ve mentioned) – and the vast majority those I haven’t.

    1. I totally agree with you. When you think of how things were in 2016 – the Tories leaderless and in turmoil over the referendum and us with a revitalised party,slightly ahead in the polls with good results in local , mayoral and by-elections under our belt, increasing membership and a popular leader.
      The PLP chose that time to oust Jeremy Corbyn, shout about his alleged shortcomings from the rooftops and destroy our thereby our chances of general Election success. Makes you wonder whose side they were really on doesn’t it ?
      However when you remember Tony Blair said he’d rather lose a General Election than win it on a Socialist platform things become much clearer.

  5. Perhaps members have to ask potential Labour PPCs if they will support a Jeremy Corbyn Govt that will transform society and will they promise to serve a 5 year term as Labour MPs?
    After all the rank and file who will work their socks off to get them elected are only asking for them to be honest.
    Serving Labour and thus working people is an honour and privilege and we don’t want people under false pretences.
    There are thousands of talented left wing democratic socialist stars out there willing to serve.

  6. By the way…Has berger admitted to being one of the ones that’s gonna break away, yet?

    Nah – Didn’t think so. Not likely to, neither. Not while there’s still enough blood to be drawn from the host.

  7. The question we need to ask ourselves as a party is – Would these MPs be behaving the same if they knew that they would have to face mandatory reselection before the every GE?

    1. Mandatory reselection would certainly be better than what we have but I wonder if MPs signing enforceable contracts to uphold a clearly stated set of core beliefs and principles – and either upholding them and the manifesto of the day or resigning/being fired – might be better still?

      If one is out of step with the current aims of whichever party one serves the honourable thing to do is to resign, having clearly failed to convince one’s colleagues.
      If one’s divergent opinions have merit people will flock to a new party – remaining in place to undermine colleagues and democratically agreed policies thoroughly deserves dismissal.

      Parties having the right to replace a dismissed, retired, deceased or otherwise unable-to-serve MP without need of a by-election would increase time for the productive business of Parliament and avoid the deadlock, graft, bribery, corruption and diversion from actual governance that slim majorities create in the present system.
      MPs should of course have the right to challenge unfair dismissal in the courts – just as soon as legal aid for all employees to do the same has been restored.

      I’m sure there’ll be lots of reasons not to change the system – but if we were starting from scratch we’d be stupid to choose this one.

    2. Well, woodcock did without mandatory reselection. Not as mouthy these days now he’s an ‘independent’ , is he?

      A while back, I predicted a load of them would only go kicking and screaming. It hasn’t happened, and the reason is they’ve seen woodcock go without being put through a reselection process and it’s obvious even to a newborn calf that it’s curtains for him as an independent.

      Ditto ‘the bold’ frankenfield.

      There’ll be a load of them frightened dumb by that. They’re skulking in the shadows hoping that they go unnoticed for a reselection process so they can open up again immediately into their next 5 year term.

      Memo to rank & file members…

      If your MP’s one of them that used to mouth off every five mins but is now keeping schtum – don’t be fooled. Get rid anyway because you know what they’ll do if re-elected.

  8. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Co-operative_Party

    Looks like most of em are already in a different party..

    Chris Leslie and Mike Gapes Labour MPs??

    Nope.. not to my mind anyway

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