Video: Juncker brutally dispels May’s Brexit mirage

Jean-Claude Juncker speaking to the European Parliament

On Wednesday, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, speaking to the European Parliament, brutally exploded Theresa May’s mirage – and the doublespeak of the UK’s mainstream media – by making it absolutely clear that the Irish ‘backstop’ is not negotiable:

May’s supposed ‘win’ – or even ‘triumph’, according to the more rabid Establishment mouthpieces – was entirely based on the idiotic idea that May could simply tear up her woeful withdrawal agreement and reconstitute it without the part her hardliners hate most.

Ireland’s border is Europe’s border and it is our priority.

Juncker demolishes May’s pretensions that there is any hope for her nonsensical approach

That was always a fool’s proposition – as Jeremy Corbyn made clear during PMQs this afternoon – but Juncker put it beyond doubt, dispelling May’s ‘alternative arrangements’ smoke and mirrors at the same time.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

The mirage of May’s win was always self-evidently fake, no matter how hard the media worked to pretend otherwise.

It’s time for a general election – which has always been the only viable route out of the chaotic mess May and her party have created.

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  1. I was curious to compare how aggressive our comments on Brexit have been recently with how aggressive they were around the time of the referendum but the archive seems to be missing.

    Now, in a completely non-conspiracy-theorising, non-judgemental and non-aggressive way I’m curious to know why that is?

    1. I have no material for comparison, either, but one thing I’ve noticed is growth in the reliance on conspiracy theories as first explanation for political phenomena. It’s a bit like watching re-runs of Citizen Smith.

      The even more interesting is, amongst all the design of such, the lack of mention of one major actual conspiracy in plain sight that has pervaded the last few years – that of the Brexit vote originating in a conspiracy of the extreme plutocrat right.

  2. David perhaps its a case of data storage cost or space on the server provided by the ISP hosting service that Skwkbx uses ?
    But its an interesting point, imo I think perhaps we as a nation have become more fearful re the future and fear in humans usually results in aggression

  3. Talking about aggression. I’ve been reading about the Chilean coup and the warnings it offers today.

    The same could happen in Venezuela – easily. The worst atrocity was the mass shooting of boys and men in a football stadium. It’s mind boggling that the US and UK endorsed this murderous barbarity.

    Now I hear on the news that our civilised EU has called for all members States to ignore the validity of Maduro in Venezuela and instead join in the violence.

    U N B E L I E V A B L E

    BREAKING: #EU parliament passes resolution urging EU states to recognize #Guaido as #Venezuela’s president

    This is the most disgusting and dangerous act the EU has done so far. Truly sickening.

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