Video: Corbyn exposes May’s Brexit nonsense with a single sentence, to hilarity of MPs

Corbyn and May in PMQs this afternoon

As the Establishment media ‘jumped the shark‘ this morning in their descriptions of Theresa May’s humiliation over the repeated parliamentary rejection of her Brexit deal as a ‘triumph’, Theresa May spouted absolute gobbledegook at PMQs (Prime Minister’s Questions) today to try to hide the absolute lack of options she has for persuading the EU to accept a deal she can get past Parliament.

It took Jeremy Corbyn just a single sentence cut through her nonsense – to the hilarity of MPs:

May um’d, ah’d, erp’d and terp’d her way through an answer that was mostly reference to the constituencies of Tory MPs, before finally mentioning the ‘ideas’ of a unilateral exit from the Irish ‘backstop’ – already ruled out by the EU – and of a time-limited backstop – also ruled out.

She then tried referencing ‘trusted trader schemes’ – but these are quality assurance schemes rather than customs arrangements, have been rejected as ‘disingenuous’ by haulage companies and were proposed as a solution a year ago and cast aside because both Britain and the EU recognised the need for a backstop. Most importantly, they’ve already been rejected by the EU.

In short, May stammered her way through an attempt to disguise the fact that she has not a single new idea to present to the EU – and was utterly exposed. Small wonder that she relies absolutely on the dishonesty of the Establishment media to cover for her hopelessness.

Corbyn – from a position of strength because his version of a relationship is welcomed by the EU but out of reach for May because of her hardliners – cut through the waffle ruthlessly and with humour.

The need for – and obvious sense of – a new general election so the UK can send someone who knows what they’re doing to talk to the EU – has never been clearer.

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  1. The next thing May will want, to snare Corbyn even more, is to try and get him over to Brussels with her to share the blame when ‘negotiations’ fall apart.

  2. Labour front benches should not be shouting. It makes them look as bad as the Conservatives. Emily Thornberry mouthing WTF is not great either.

  3. Spot on JC ! What utter BOLLOCKS May , even by Parliamentary standards ….. I agree with Emily T WTF is an understatement IMO.

  4. In the past few days I’ve asked a couple of times in different threads on SB if anyone saw LAST weeks QT AND, if they DID, could they confirm whether or not Fiona Bruce gave an explanation regarding ‘Poll-gate’ the week before. But I got no takers (as of the last time I checked). The point being – as I said previously – I went through it on Iplayer looking for it, but didn’t find it (I was ‘jumping’ to the parts where she – Fiona Bruce – was speaking). I had in fact already come across the following – and as I said previously, I first read that she HAD in a couple of articles from Friday whilst doing some further research on the issue on Saturday – and I can’t figure it out.

    If you watch the following video clip of her giving her explanation, she’s looking towards the camera most of the time, but on occasion looks towards the audience, or feigns to do so, because I’m not sure there’s actually an audience THERE. The point is that if it was during the program – and given the angle of the camera shot – one would undoubtedly have been able to see the person sitting to her right IF someone HAD been sitting there, as they would have been were it the actual program. But you can’t! Does anyone have an explanation for this mystery?:


    1. Right, I just skimmed through last week’s QT again, and THIS time I found it! It’s at 34 mins 50 secs, so my apologies. I should explain that my initial thoughts were – as of in the hours after the program aired – that if FB HAD made an apology on the program, then SB would have posted a short ditty about it shortly afterwards. But they didn’t, and so I concluded that she hadn’t. If I had watched it all the way through (on Iplayer) I would of course have come across it eventually, but I just couldn’t stomach doing that, and was just skipping through it. So my apologies again, but as you can see – if you’ve seen it – her explanation is totally disingenuous, but then she could hardly confess to what REALLY happened.

      1. And just one last point. I don’t know much about Rory Stewart, but on the occasions I’ve seen him over the years he comes across as a thoughtful and reserved person who isn’t always trying to get in the negative soundbites in relation to the opposition – ie vilify or ridicule or mock them – but when Isabel Oakeshott and Fiona Bruce are doing their underhand hit-job on Diane so as to deceive viewers – THAT was the sole objective in doing it AND making Diane look stupid – there’s a camera shot of him (at 44 mins 18secs) for about two seconds grinning from ear to ear as they are doing it, just after FB said her bit. He knew what they were doing, and he was loving it.

        Hmm, so now we know! He ISN’T what he would have us believe he is.

  5. Allen Howard
    the worrying thing about FBs non apology is theat several of my “left” leaning friends have said to me since the show “did you see FBs apoligy on question time”. So somehow it seems the beeb as managed to mind fxxk people into believing that there was actually an apology. and i did notice RS grinning and was appalled by his typical rightwing smugness. as for him trying to seem to diplomatic, he is afterall a former diplomat. (please read diplomat as bullxxxxxr)

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