Breaking: video – Juncker brutally dispels May’s mirage

Post published early in error. See here for correct version.


  1. Oops. You are getting mixed up between Junker – Commission President – and Tusk – Council President.

      1. But just doing the obvious – what they’ve been told to do by 27 sovereign states and their agreements

        Bloody predictable furriners! We’ll show ’em – the size of the hole in our foot’ll frighten them to death!

      2. Make light of Junker’s image in this country if you will. He’s hated by many, seen as an unelected power grabber here and across. Europe. He does more for the leave campaign with his personal ambition, and self importance than Tusk who’s a through and through Thatcherite, yet a hero of remainers.

      3. Just to clarify – what I’m making light of is the UK’s parody of negotiation, which is circular, misses the point and can’t grasp the basics – so reverts to caricarures and personality issues.

    1. The photo is indeed of Junker the drunk. Mind you, it is easy to get them mixed up. Junker is the one needing to be propped up, literally on some occasions. Here he is at a NATO shindig.

  2. I agree about the backstop, Europe will never retreat on that point, it can’t without dumping Ireland in it. However, negotiations are never over until time’s run out and if it looks like there’s no agreement there will be an extension. It’s pretty obvious that an election will be avoided at any cost and this is an internal Tory negotiation within the larger EU negotiation. The msm are, as ever, playing their part admirably on behalf of the Tory party rather than their readers.

  3. I am so glad that Corbyn would win after all with his patient and diligence and honesty with empathy. There is no alternative but General Election.

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