Breaking: Parliament’s Feb recess cancelled to make time for Brexit

The government has cancelled Parliament’s February recess to carve out time for Brexit process.

As May will not have anything meaningfully new to bring to Parliament, this is more a case of her wanting to be seen going through the right motions – but it will mean more time for fresh Labour attempts to trigger a new general election as MPs see the bankruptcy of the government’s position.

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  1. Can’t you see what’s happening? There isn’t going to be a General Election now, or anytime on the near future. In 2010, the Lib Dems propped up the Conservative Government, and got hammered for it at the next General Election. The same is going to happen to Labour in 2022. By the way, thanks for the idea to suspend payments to the Labour Party; I hadn’t thought about doing it until you mentioned it in a post last week. I have now suspended my payments. Jeremy Corbyn only seems to listen to his members when they’re saying what he wants to hear. PS I am a Jeremy Corbyn supporter.

      1. The conspiracy theory wing’s primer in how to win friends and influence people. It’s more comfortable to identify heretics and narrow the base than actually engage in winning elections.

    1. 2 Likes for declaring your support for JC.

      Now to address other points raised in your post:
      Re: ‘…There isn’t going to be a General Election now, or anytime on the near future.’
      You might be right for the simple reason that the Tories/DUP axis are afraid of losing to Labour despite what the polls say. If they are so confident, why don’t they call one? As Corbyn called it, the only poll that matters!

      Re: ‘..In 2010, the Lib Dems propped up the Conservative Government, and got hammered for it.’
      Correct, and it appears they are not setting up the charts on fire either with their current Brexit position.

      Re: ‘…The same is going to happen to Labour in 2022.’
      Why?. If you can please expound on your theory just a bit? Although from RH’s and Jack-T’s subsequent comments, one can make a reasonable assumption of the basis of your bold prediction. But it’s better not to second-guess you.

      Re: ‘…I have now suspended my payments.’
      That’s sad. Labour Party needs every donation it can get from its members and supporters. We are up against the Conservative Party that has the financial backing of the corporations. You already know the effects of current Conservative Party government policies on our society in general, and the poor and vulnerable in particular. Every Penny counts.

      1. Again – out of the arses of babes and sucklings.

        Trans : ‘Mummy, that nasty person doesn’t agree with my burps’.”

        P.S. The term ‘troll’ is a loud bullshit alarm.

  2. Are you sure they’ve cancelled the recess? Andrea Leadsom just announced they MAY have to cancel and to be prepared.

  3. Labour’s fanatical Brexiters are contributing to the slow motion car crash which is the constitutional vandalism we are now seeing.

    1. It’s fascinating to see how the PLP members who gifted the Tories victory over the Cooper amendment have escaped cries for ‘deselection’!

      Tory policy as ‘left-wing’ strategy. The story of Brexit. Great!

      1. Our two resident, or perhaps actually double named, Right Wing trolls are busy with their drivel this evening. Only the PV Right wanted the daft Cooper amendment to pass you numpties , to give yet more time to sabotage our attempts to get a General Election. No-one is buying your constant nonsense on here, I hope you are being well paid for wasting your time like this.

    2. The confusions of Brexiteers over what constitutes their much parroted term ‘democracy’ just got hilarious as the leader of UKIP petitions the monarch to suspend parliament.

  4. I love Jereemy Corbyn more than anyone on earth but Having found out hes right handed I can no longer believe. My party launched today is called “Someone like Corbyn but is left handed.” Only left handed people like myself will be able to be members ( my god they punished left handers for centuries, time for retribution)

    1. You brought back memories of my mother slamming the headmistress and teacher of our infant school (as it was called back then) forcing my sister to use her right hand causing much distress at age 5!

  5. Stewart, thanks for being constructive with your reply. On the question you ask re why the same is going to happen to Labour in 202: my reading of where we areare is that May is going to get an Agreement accepted by Parliament before the 29 March, and will avoid no deal Brexit, and this will be done with the help of Labour MPs from all Wings of the Labour Party; this, in turn, will alienate some passionate Labour Remain supporters, but particularly a lot of the enthusiastic younger vote that were crucial in winning seats for Jeremy in 2017 and I think we’ll lose their votes in crucial marginals, some currently held and others we’re hoping to gain. I may be incorrect but, up to now, so has the Skwawkbox re there being an imminent General Election which he has been talking about for some considerable time.

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