Video: DUP sees sense and integrity of Corbyn’s Sky interview on Brexit

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn gave an interview to Sky News on Friday evening on the topic of Brexit, Theresa May’s deal, the Northern Irish border with Ireland and the UK’s ongoing relationship with the EU.

His comments were perfectly pitched, not only to clearly convey Corbyn’s genuine commitment to achieving the best for leavers and remainers alike but also to make clear Labour’s commitment to an agreement with the EU that removes the need for May’s so-called ‘backstop’ that would make Britain a ‘third country‘ and Northern Ireland separate in a special status:

The sense of Corbyn’s position and the way in which he expressed it were enough to make a significant impression on the DUP’s policy director, who tweeted:

SKWAWKBOX comment:

With Theresa May facing defeat on her dismal Brexit deal next week and still unsure how the DUP will react afterward, Reynolds’ taunt aimed at her deal and her MPs who are supporting it will make grim reading for the lame-duck Prime Minister.

Especially when the party’s parliamentary leader Nigel Dodds [video] echoed his colleague’s sentiments toward Corbyn’s view of Brexit this week and told the same channel that the DUP is positive about a Corbyn government.

Yet deeper worries for May – and a tribute to Corbyn’s intelligent politics and statesmanship.

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  1. They might use our position to barter with but they will never support us long term. They will never entertain a Labour government with JC as PM. We can never rely on them for anything I am afraid.

  2. I don’t think any of us will be betting the farm on the DUP Keith.
    I sent all my money to that Nigerian prince anyway 🙂

  3. Lame duck PM more like a DEAD DUCK PM and re the DUP stuff them there is no way I’d want Labour associated with that bunch of bigots , they are NOT our friends or natural supporters

  4. Hoping the Tories (not just May) are a busted flush; fatally divided by Europhiles & Europhobes. Corbyn must fill the void; negotiate a more democratic EU then recommend Remain in a 2nd referendum.

  5. The best deal for leavers and remainers is to stay in the EU. It will not please the bloody minded little Englanders though who would see us leave not matter what the cost.

    1. “Corbyn’s genuine commitment to achieving the best for leavers and remainers alike”

      It might be genuine – but it’s also nonsense. You can’t bridge this gap with nicey-nicey stuff.

      Time to leave La La Land and face the hard choices.

  6. I do not like the idea of the DUP being relaxed about a JC-led government.

    It kind of reminds me of Richard Perle saying he was reassured about Barack Obama’s administration.

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