May ‘snubs’ Jewish guests as she fails to appear at No.10 Chanukah party

Earlier this week, Theresa May sent out a tweet wishing Jewish people a happy Chanukah – the Jewish ‘Festival of Lights’ that marks the rededication of the second Temple.

She had also arranged a reception in honour of the festival at Number 10 and invited a number of prominent members of the Jewish community – but failed to put in an appearance.

One attendee at the event told the SKWAWKBOX:

I was invited to Downing Street to the Chanukah event but she didn’t turn up. It seems the Tories think they can do what they like, but it was a clear snub.

The SKWAWKBOX contacted Downing Street just after the event and was promised an explanation, but none has been received.

The Jewish Chronicle made the barest of mentions of her absence, claiming she was unable to get away from the House of Commons. Instead it opted to focus on a speech by the Chief Rabbi praising May’s ‘fortitude and resilience’ and claiming she is respected ‘across the political spectrum’ – and used a photograph from a different reception last week to create an impression of May among Jewish guests:

The image used by the Jewish Chronicle – from a different event

The Tories were recently the only group at the European Parliament to vote against a move to sanction Hungarian premier Viktor Orbán for antisemitism, racism, misogyny and homophobia. Orbán used a further antisemitic smear to dismiss the report.

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  1. Anything from the JLM or LFI , anything ,,,, hellooooo ,, just a peep ,, BOD ?? tumble weed………..

    1. Indirectly it probably was. .

      But having said that the reason that she is getting a hard time from Corbyn and others is entirely due to her own gross incompetence.

      I sincerely hope she’s gone for another of her infamous long walks in the country to help her clarify her thoughts and decide what to do next.

  2. Tories are racists; May’s ‘hostile environment’, Boris’ ‘picaninis’ & ‘water-melon smiles’ and evidence their antisemitism outdoes Labour’s.

  3. Sorry – but I’m not piling in on May just because the ‘antisemitism’ trope has been distorted by the BoD and Jewish Chronicleto diss Corbyn.

    This sort of smeary shite should be universally despised. Real facts will speak for themselves.

    1. I disagree. Things like this need to be highlighted to continue to demonstrate to people capable of thinking independently that the anti-Semitism smears were a false narrative. Every little dent that can be made in the reputation of the Tories and the media helps.

      1. .. but I bet most will miss the real story :

        “a speech by the Chief Rabbi praising May’s ‘fortitude and resilience’ and claiming she is respected ‘across the political spectrum’

        Which is, in a nutshell, a vivid illustration of how the BoD nexus – the pro-Israel establishment – is a joint right/wing/pro-Israeli front. Which, of course is where the attacks on Corbyn and Labour have been coming from. The non-presence of May is a side issue.

        Frankly, Jonathan Sacks and his ilk have always been an embarrassment for the wider Jewish community. His ‘moral’ pontificating on ‘Thought for the Day’ after sundry killings of Palestinians were truly emetic.

  4. I think we can all guess how the MSM would have reacted had it been Jeremy Corbyn!

  5. lol it’s rediculas these Tories & especially T.May. just don’t seem to care anymore it’s sort of “out in the open” that they don’t give a shit anymore and I think the general public are starting to realise that at long last . . I mean “contemp of parliament” 1st time ever in the so-called modern world has done nothing to these anesthetized Tory f***s as it’s business as usual . . .

  6. Yes perhaps a bit of an own goal by the Tories!
    Just bought my Xmas reading left books and Bernard Regan’s book on the Balfour Declaration is brilliant.
    It really (in my opinion) brilliantly illustrates that British then imperial interests were driving policy on Palestine – highly recommended and Regan in my opinion really nails it!
    Learning from history is a poweful thing and makes you think!

  7. great idea for a webblog, comic strip or something which pretends that Corbyn is the current prime minister, and every current issue of the day is headlined by the MSM in a very different way in which is being handled against the conservatives. The contexts are now so transparent, it’s very comical.

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