Thirty ministers tour as ‘stealth general election’ campaign ramps up

The Tories have thirty ministers touring the country ‘to sell Theresa May’s deal’.


Remember, the public has no say on her deal next week – its fate will be decided by a vote by MPs next Tuesday, unless she chickens out as she has shown signs of preparing to do.

Nonetheless, mainstream media commentators are dutifully describing the ‘tour’ as being about the Brexit deal and ignoring the thing that voters do get to decide.

If it quacks like a general election…

But by starting her campaign in stealth mode, May hopes to steal a march on Labour when the official campaign kicks off – and the BBC does not have to operate on the stricter balance and impartiality basis that goes with an official general election campaign and which saw Corbyn surge by fifteen points and millions of votes in just a few weeks during last year’s general election.

The Tories have also accelerated their parliamentary candidate selections, started bizarre photo-opportunities at Foodbanks and begun election-based polling – so ignore the ‘MSM’ presentation of the Brexit vote as the only game in town and get ready for the short, short-notice campaign it looks like the Tories are planning for.

Get ready for emergency reselections, too – and turn up the volume on the real issues, as it’s certain May – or whoever is in place by then – will be looking to cast the new campaign as a ‘single issue’ election about Brexit, when the reality is that the UK’s issues are far wider and connected to which party is governing than whether the UK is in or out of the EU.

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  1. Brexit has just been a smoke screen to hide the dismantling of the state, they don’t care what sort of deal they so say get, so long as they can finish the job Thatcher started, by handing all control of government over to the corporate sector.

    The real objective is as it has always been, get rid of the Tories, they are the problem.

    1. Brexit isn’t just a ‘smokescreen’. It’s whole rationale is to create a situation friendly to Ayn Rand’s swivel-eyed brand of free marketisation. I’m always amazed at the idea that it’s a route to a socialist economy, even given the EU’s adherence to a contrary economic model.

  2. Didn’t JC (quite rightly) do the same thing on Wednesday; by focusing on poverty etc instead of going for the MSM’s Brexit mania? He correctly chose that path IMO.
    ‘The rich are worrying about the end of the world; the workers are worrying about the end of the month.’
    Guardian I believe!!

    1. Sure. Difference is, he’s not in charge of when an election can be called. Labour is in constant – and open – GE mode

    2. and didn’t the media criticise him for doing it. You always know when we are doing the right thing – the media oppose it, ridicule it, dismiss it etc

  3. Aren’t the Tories stuffed locally as they don’t have enough active members to get out & knock doors etc for them now?

  4. Richard, the tories Doorknocking g is done by the msm on a daily basis.

  5. There are more issued rather than just Brexit. The government cannot hide their mishandling other issues, poverty, university fee, health & safety (Police & drug-especially children and NHS) and need to review what is the community and etc never ending. We really need fresh approach for every issue with fresh eyes rather than old notion which believe in heavy capitalism which involve too much greed. Only alternative is to change the government.

  6. May believes it is safer to disperse her treacherous cabinet to the far corners of Britain, rather than to have them in the Westminster Bubble plotting against her. They’re gonna getcha Theresa!

    Apparently Theresa May has announced she is going to make a statement to The House about delaying tomorrow’a vote at 3:30 today (Monday)

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