SKWAWKBOX continues to receive – and reject – ad/sponsorship requests

The SKWAWKBOX is set up to provide information without cost or clutter, to ensure that corrections and counters to the mainstream political narrative are available as freely and easily as possible where needed.

The blog routinely receives requests to place advertising or sponsored posts on its pages on topics ranging from Brexit to tech to gambling – and the fact that these emails and direct messages are continually increasing in frequency is a testimony to the impact the blog has on the political narrative.

Those requests are always rejected, to ensure that the SKWAWKBOX maintains its editorial and moral independence – and a premium is paid to the blog’s hosting provider to ensure none of the provider’s ads appear either.

If you would like to support the blog’s efforts and can do so without hardship, please click here to set up a one-off or modest monthly donation.


  1. Thoroughly pleased that you do. I added my Canary subscription to yours when they started showing ads. Still read them, but the ads are hideous and you’re my favourite.

    1. To be fair to the Canary I understand that if you subscribe as a supporter and log into the site you get the advert free pages , but agree re ads in general. WOuld it not be great if Labour could use some of it’s finance to support the independent bloggers that help them so much

  2. I am pleased that you do and I will continue to support you as long as I can.

  3. Come on everyone. Please support this blog. Set up a monthly donation, it’s only fair – I have.

    Thank you SKWAWKBOX.

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