Excl: grave complaints against Momentum slate candidate cast doubt on vetting process

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On Thursday, left-wing organisations CLPD (Campaign for Labour Party Democracy) and Momentum each announced competing – albeit overlapping – ‘slates’ for Labour’s important elections for additional members of the party’s senior disciplinary body, the National Constitutional Committee (NCC).

The CLPD slate, announced first, has been supported by Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL), Labour Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and, on Thursday evening, the LRC (Labour Representation Committee).

Momentum’s slate contains three candidates who also appear on the CLPD version – but omits a highly-regarded JVL member and two others, in favour of three other candidates.

On Thursday evening, the SKWAWKBOX saw details of what have been described described as ‘grave’ allegations contained in a number of still-outstanding complaints by local members against one of the Momentum-backed candidates that would certainly render that candidate’s position untenable if proven.

The cases have not yet been decided and the person accused is entitled to the presumption of innocence. However, serious allegations would usually prevent an endorsement, on a precautionary basis pending their resolution – especially for a position that would involve ruling on disciplinary complaints against others.

The existence of these documented complaints and the fact that the candidate has still been endorsed raises serious questions about any vetting involved in the composition of the Momentum slate.

Both Momentum and the candidate concerned have been contacted for comment.

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    1. Don’t know her, but perhaps she’s proven herself since she joined the Labour Party in 2007?

    2. We have ex Lib Dems in my constituency LP. One I know in particular is a supporter of JCs policies, and is an excellent member.

    3. It can be a good sign if they left the LIb Dems because of the treachorous behaviour of Clegg (tuition fees etc), joining the Tories, privatising Royal mail, voting through the cuts, etc. If they left the Lib Dems for that reason, they will not be supporters of neoliberalism in Labour either. IE Blair types.

      1. Clegg’s treachery must be shouted to the rooftops. The Health and Social Care Bill (H&SC Bill/Act2012) only became an Act in 2012 due to deviously highly unpleasant Clegg treachery! NOW the Tories are using that Act in dismantling the NHS – ask KONP and other groups trying to save the NHS. Also ask Andrew George, ex-LibDem MP as he led a fight against the H&SC Bill – this is not mentioned in his Wikipedia entry!

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