Breaking: LRC endorses CLPD slate for NCC

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Earlier today, both CLPD (Campaign for Labour Party Democracy but also endorsed by Jewish Voice for Labour [JVL] and Labour CND) and Momentum announced separate slates for the elections for Labour’s ultimate disciplinary body, the NCC (National Constitutional Committee).

The slates overlap substantially, with three candidates out of six appearing on both, but a key difference is the appearance of JVL member Stephen Marks on the CLPD slate and his absence on the Momentum version. Jon Lansman had objected to a JVL candidate, but said that Momentum had originally intended to support Marks. In spite of that, he has not made it to the Momentum slate.

There was talk earlier today that the LRC (Labour Representation Committee) might also propose a slate, but in breaking news the SKWAWKBOX can confirm that LRC has decided to endorse the CLPD slate in full.

Announcing its endorsement, the LRC also said:

In doing so, the LRC is agreeing with Jewish Voice for Labour, Campaign for Labour Party Democracy and Labour CND. We are disappointed that Momentum refuses to support Stephen Marks as a candidate because of his JVL membership.  

The LRC continues to have serious concerns about how left slates are constructed, whether by the Centre Left Grassroots Alliance, or parts of it, particularly the way in which Black candidates are hand-picked by predominantly white organisations with no reference to organisations of Black members. We will persist in our promotion of discussion of a better, more inclusive and democratic procedure in future, something not possible in the short time span given in which to nominate and elect candidates for this election only decided at conference.

It’s hard to argue – the process for the construction of left slates has been problematic ever since the left has been ascendant in the Labour Party and it urgently needs genuine democracy and inclusion – but the endorsement of yet another group for the CLPD-backed slate is a significant boost for the prospect of the candidates on it.

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  1. Lansman makes a lot of noise about party reform and democratisation whilst hoping that no one will notice that he is gently kicking the can down the road

  2. Great news! Zionism has no future as a dominant force in a Democratic Socialist Party!

    1. LRC is a group that was set up by John McDonnell and others in the days when the Left were excluded from the mainstream LP. Its remit was bringing together trades unionists and rank and file socialists to campaign for socialist policies within the Labour Party.

    1. I’ve been warning people for years. What does Mr Landsman hope for and just how far will he go to achieve it? Maybe I am being sceptical but I’ve been in this game for far too long to not notice my itchy palms.

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