Breaking: fresh bomb threat fails to derail pro-Palestine meeting in Liverpool

Liverpool’s Caledonia pub (image: Google Maps)

Another bomb threat has been made to a pro-Palestine event in Liverpool. A forum on Labour and antisemitism organised by Victory to the Intifada has received the anonymous threat – but organisers have decided, in view of the hoax threat made last night that ended a showing of a film about expelled activist Jackie Walker, to press ahead with the event at the Caledonia pub in Liverpool, where Labour’s conference ended this afternoon.

The threat marks another chapter in a series of disruptions targeting pro-Palestine events. Last night’s hoax threat was misportrayed by the mainstream media as being ‘anti-Jewish’, when in fact the likely intent was to prevent discussion of the Israel-Palestine issue from a left, pro-Palestine perspective.

It is to be hoped that the organisers’ call turns out to be the right one. Police have been informed and a car is on standby outside the venue.

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  1. Have they been in contact with the police to try to trace where there threat has come from? It would be good to find out which sinister individual or individuals are behind this or even if they can get just an IP address, which city the computer that was used is located. I did a survey for my CLP using Mail Chimp which shows the IP addresses of respondents and a few of the most hostile responses to the survey came from a computer in the area where Parliament is, even though our CLP is based in the north.

    1. If our politicians and/or their staff are behind these prank calls then the Police won’t do anything.

      The police exist for the ruling class.

  2. Hopefully the police can trace the person/;people who are responsible, charge them, and the courts can jail them. It’s terrorism, of a sort.

  3. Or it’s a back handed compliment which shows they can’t hack IDEAS and may be losing the argument?
    Unfortunately the Right Wing US Govt are enabling the Right Wing Israeli Govt to avoid talking peace as Naura Eraket (You Tube CBS interview, 2018) argues “So they can maintain their religious, ethnic, and economic supremecty” adding that “Hamas is a scarecrow and Palestinians don’t want them.”
    Oh and just some food for thought but Netanyanu’s party only got 16% of support in Israel as he depends on some pretty dubious far right partners.
    When they as racists were threatening to deport 10,000 black migrants the coalition’s Culture Minister said: “We must remove this cancer from our body.” And yet such forces lecture us! Rise up diverse Jewish Citizens and don’t accept their script!
    International solidarity for diverse working people!

  4. Here’s a rhetorical question for you: if the Zionist government in Israel is so overwhelmingly powerful World-Wide, why were they so frightened of two tiny little pro-Palestinian meetings in Liverpool which were attended by only a handful of people – say 400 at the most – that they tried to stop them with cowardly bomb hoaxes? Speaks volumes, doesn’t it!

  5. When the Labour Party claims that it will ‘recognise’ a Palestinian State, what does that mean? The small area of land known as Gaza Strip & the West Bank or all ‘occupied territories’ or even all ‘occupied land’ aka Israel Proper? People of good faith must try to find a peaceful solution B4 it is too late & Palestine is wiped off the face of the earth.

    1. Steve I think if you listen to Corbyn speech at the conference he did actually say that it was a two party state solution favoured and I think he clarified it by saying a viable Palestinian state so hopefully he says recognising Palestine it means of viable Palestinian state not smaller set of enclaves like now

  6. Vested interest and racists will do anythng to protect their ignorance and wealth

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