Video: Shuker says nothing has changed. Sounds familiar from somewhere…

Luton South MP Gavin Shuker, who lost a no-confidence vote by his local party last night by a margin of almost seven to one, has tweeted a comment about it claiming ‘it changes nothing’:

shuker no change.jpeg

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Of course, ‘nothing has changed’ has been said before – as an amusing YouTube video points out:

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  1. Another fine example of an arrogant Blairite dismissing his CLP memberships concerns and views . This should be ringing alarm bells with any normal MP , just shows the contempt that they hold the very people who help get them elected. It would be a very cold and lonely place pounding all the streets in his constituency campaigning and leafleting etc .
    He tries to belittle the importance of this vote , but altho it is not a reselection ,,, yet ,, it does put a marker down of the dissatisfaction/anger of his CLP membership and signals clearly the intent of what is to come .The Blairites think they are unaccountable to their CLP , WRONG , the CLP is the most important body locally that they are accountable to , it is the same IMO as the CEO answering to his BOD and shareholders ( I’ve put it in Neolib terms that Blarites may understand ) .

  2. It is a special disease that appears to be mainly affect certain people whom I would call pseudo-labour bods.

  3. Gavin Shuker was one of the 12 MPs reported as attending a secret August meeting in the wilds of Sussex to plot ousting Corbyn. If ever a vote of no confidence was deserved, it must surely be when a MP is betraying his membership.

  4. The PLP ‘no confidence’ motion against Corbyn had no official status.

    This constituency seems very unlucky as the previous Labour MP was Margaret Moran!

  5. Interesting thread, Toffee. I liked @leonardi_damian’s take on it.

    I’m really sorry a handful of people in the Labour Party want to overturn your vote of confidence in me last year. Their actions say far less about me – and you – than they do about the face of today’s Labour Party.

    Now you know how the leader feels twice elected and still a handful of mps with their msm cronies piling on the crap to remove him from a democratically elected position.

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