Field chickens out – will not call by-election


It seems that Birkenhead ex-Labour MP Frank Field’s commitment to the ‘sovereignty’ of constituents only goes so far. Surprising almost nobody, news has emerged that, following his resignation of the Labour whip last week, he will not call a by-election to offer local voters the chance to decide whether they want him as an independent MP – or to see him replaced by a Labour candidate.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

It seems right-wing Labour MPs are full of… principle.

After his disgraceful comments about local members – which they hotly deny – his chances of being accepted back into the Labour fold are gone, but it seems Field doesn’t fancy his chances of re-election based on his own name and record rather than a Labour rosette.

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  1. Well he did say he would be out and about and test the water with constituents! I think we know that he got his toes scalded!! #BirkenheadByElectionNow

  2. Is he worried he might get less than Simon 882 Danczuk the Independent King of Rochdale? Not a people person is our fascist Frank!

  3. I think everyone knew he’d chicken out. Probably had a word with his Tory paymasters and decided to stay until the next election

    1. I read in the Sundy Tims (for what that’s worth) that the right wing coup team were pissed off with these loose cannons resigning independently without proper co-ordination and that what was needed was an organised plan. Perhaps Frank has fallen in line now he’s realised he wouldn’t get far as an independent!

  4. Thought it was only your CLP ‘disliked’ you, francois? Did you do your tour of the two to see if you had popular support? Obviously an eye-opener for you then, weren’t it?

    Beneath contempt. Where’s all these ‘experts’ who said you’d ‘romp’ a by-election now, eh?

    Oh, it’s all gone quiet,
    All gone quiet,
    All gone quiet over there…..

  5. Are there any other “Independent” MPs who are still allowed to remain a member of the Labour party? If I liked a Green Party tweet that would grounds for me to be expelled from the party. But Frank Field can public declare that the Labour party “A force for antisemitism in british politics” and still remain a member!?

    1. And Margaret Hodge can say, unchallenged, “I don’t believe Jeremy Corbyn can solve the [anti-semitism] problem, because he IS the problem” on BBC news at 10 last night and still remain a member! Unbe-fucking-lievable! It’s about 4 mins 15secs into the programme. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0bgh9t4/bbc-weekend-news-02092018

      Corbyn’s behaving like the cancer patient refusing chemotherapy on religious grounds, preferring to try to appeal to the cancer’s better nature instead. His meekness is getting nauseating.

      There’s no negotiating with cancer!

      1. JC needs to underatand that you can’t appease a witch hunt! The meek get slaughtered!

      2. Dont give up Tim – there is a plan and its working much better than the Tory one or the right wing coup one

    2. Yeh but but but he’s a RW MP and tis different rules for em than us pleb members !

  6. Blimey no one saw that coming. (Much)
    The man is nothing if not entirely predictable Worrying though that its taken the chap the entire weekend to work out that if he did go to a by-election he’d be toast.

    1. Well, frank couldn’t go asking around the town on a Sunday – all the constituents’d be at worship. 😀

  7. What’s mike ‘sour’ gapes’ ha’penny worth on this, I wonder?

    Still thinking of jumping, plums? No? Oh, come on eh? – I’ve seen pirates walk the plank quicker than you…

    Still feeling unwelcome, berger? Feeling a bit more unwelcome now? Getting the message yet? Or still ‘sticking to the script’?

    Hahaha. Not a single one of ya with any integrity.

    There’s a word for you lot. In fact, there’s loads. None of them in any way deferential.

  8. Just expel him , it’s so simple , the transgression of the rules as explained to Field by the Whip himself …. I don’t understand the delay ?
    Cake and eat it comes to mind !

  9. Why don’t the mainstream media pull some skeletons out of Margaret Hodge’s closet? There’s quite a few.

    1. They will do that when she stands as Centrist MP, these stupid people think they can destroy the Labour Party and that they will get a free run at the Tories, forgetting they are the Tories protective wall, once all opposition has gone, they won’t be required any longer.

  10. 883 votes – no way. one or two votes – his wife’s and his own……

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