New WM Labour regional director appointed. Right wing panicking


According to Labour sources, the new West Midlands regional director has now been appointed – the SKWAWKBOX can reveal that left-wing members will be very happy that change is coming.

Right-wingers – of which there are many in the West Midlands – are apparently like a disturbed termites’ nest, with fraught phone-calls aplenty and attempts to find out what’s in store for them. Nerves in the right-wing heartland of Sandwell, where a Labour investigation into serious allegations of wrongdoing is already underway, are jangling hard.

More to be revealed when the information can go public…

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  1. If they have nothing to hide and have behaved in a proper way then they should have nothing to fear. Their reaction does not give the impression that they have nothing to hide. It will be interesting to find out what is uncovered by the new officers if it is made public.

  2. Kim Tom Un and the People’s Republic of West Midlands will soon have their corruption exposed. He’s lost weight for a reason…

  3. I really object to the inference that SpongeBob SquarePants supports the right wing of the Labour Party. I have it on good authority that Jeremy has visited SpongeBob in his pineapple home at the bottom of the sea. Expect exclusive and damming pictures of Jeremy calling at the pinapple nextdoor to SpongBag’s in the Daily Heil soon.

  4. Great news but this person will need a lot of support from the Left and others who demand fair play.
    Someone said to me they thought this officer will be cleaning out the Right Wing Kings’ Augean stables?
    Hope its an Action Man/Woman, as the advert goes: “This conga line needs me!”

  5. Def: Augean. adjective. Exceedingly filthy from long neglect. Requiring heroic efforts of cleaning or correction: the Augean task of reforming the bureaucracy. VERY APT!

  6. But it will be a difficult job. The vermin have bedded deep in the foundations and will fight back at every opportunity. The artillery of the press will be used relentlessly, (although counter productively), and the BBC will be very sympathetic.

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