The lovely folks at Sussex Friends of Israel might not want this to go viral

The ‘Sussex Friends of Israel’ Twitter account is full of bile against Jeremy Corbyn. You have to scroll a long way down its Twitter feed as of this moment to find a tweet that isn’t directly about the Labour leader – and even then, it looks indirectly about him.

The politics of its comments are not hard to discern and it seems to consider being a friend of Israel amounts to a single issue at the moment – yet it seems to consider itself a serious source of comment.

So this video of a founder member being abusive to four people innocuously leafleting outside a shop five or so years ago is something they probably don’t want to see widely shared:

Then again, they might be proud of it – the group has been accused of association with unsavoury behaviour toward protesters previously.

The SKWAWKBOX has been unable to find contact details for Mr Cobbs to invite him to comment. He has previously called a Jewish organisation antisemitic for asking him for comment about an interview in which the Jewish Chronicle thought English Defence League members praising the racism of the Israeli government were representatives of Sussex Friends of Israel.

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  1. I’d say he is auditioning for head of the EDL , must be big mates with Tommy ?
    Looks like one, speaks like one, acts like one , IS ONE.
    I’d say there is a case here for threatening abusive behaviour likely to cause a breach of the peace .

  2. The man has no argument – he just shouts offensive abuse at a group of softly spoken older people who are obviously far from being bullies. I watched another video of him and another member talking about why they are in the group. The Christian weakly says its because Israel is close to his heart because he’s a Christian. Israel can be close to your heart in terms of recognising it as a special place but that shouldn’t mean you support a group who deny the brutality of what is happening there and who cover up for Israel and try to silence criticism.

  3. Are the web-page, facebook and twitter accounts related to the registered charity Sussex Friends of Israel – Charity # 1157971. If so the charity is engaging in political activity which is unacceptable. If not, Mr Cobbs and any associated could be accused of passing themselves off as a charity, which must surely be illegal.

  4. Get a shave. Get a bath. Get a proper accent instead of the mockney one you’ve got.

    ‘Camm dahhhn on a frydie arfternoon’ it says…

    What? When the shabbat starts?

    Ever tried to speak to me like that & he’d look mighty amusing when he’d be then seen trying to pick his teeth out of his shite with broken fingers….That’s if he managed to remove his stick from his ‘arris first.


  5. Please include the fb message telling us the ‘big one was on’ day prior to wreathgate, netanyahu message & expenses thing and that we wouldn’t have leader any more. Seriously demonstrates the campaign. (sounds like msm have had orders from Netanyahu of kill it off as it’s clearly backfired)

  6. What a nice chap Cobbs is, ‘Sussex Friends of Israel’ must be well proud of him? He should watch-out that cane doesn’t disappear somewhere, though. lol

  7. Corbyn and the Labour Party need to stop trying to compromise with organisations that are trying to destroy his leadership.

  8. BDS 1 Susses FI 0
    You can of course check out charities on The Government Charity Commission Website. On this you can see their Activities (Mission Statement) as well as the number of trustees they have plus their last financial accounts including if they received large donations? Charities shouldn’t be political and wonder how many FI Groups there are in the UK registered as charities? Research is a wonderful thing.

  9. Oh how funny. Now I accept that as a woman he is quite right – I have no balls – (biologically/anatomically speaking), however, how this makes me “dirty” is very interesting to me! Who is he saying is intimidating who?! Yes Sue Ferguson, and all of them according to him are all his.

  10. I so want to have a look at his enormous shinny balls he really gives them a lot of attention

  11. HUmm very interesting Twitter account this prat has , very football thugish , proud of his Apartheid Zionist credentials . Would be good if one could arrange a meeting with some friends of Hamas for him , just see how “ballsy” he is then when not facing 60-75yr old ladies on the street but some real chaps who’d serve his balls to him on a plate !

  12. To use his language, he’s clearly a scumbag with an unhealthy obsession of other men’s balls. Lol Well done to the protestors.

  13. Skwarkbox, I really like your blog, but when it comes down to reporting stuff, could you let your readership know that the ‘labour friends of Israel’ represent 8 (1?) people and a dog? Aka Syrian observatory for human rights being some bloke above a grocer’s shop in Watford (or wherever). dignifying these idiots with a level of serious comment gives them a status they both seek and don’t deserve

    1. No, I would argue checking this group out makes a useful case study.
      I found out by checking them on The Charity Commission website that someone or some organisation donated £10,000 to them last year.
      With critical thinking and further investigation perhaps this could be a clue to a possible pattern and have Friends of Israel Groups around the country (and Labour Friends of Israel Groups for that matter?) been given similar donations and if so by whom?
      What some may consider as small beer could actually help us to understand the bigger picture and give us the ammunition to help fight back in what at times seems like a war of attrition but it is the Left who are under attack?
      If for example these donations are common and collectively (for sake of argument) are from an overseas Govt or say a UK or overseas rich individual, is it declared and is it legal?
      This is the sort of stuff that the excellent Hope Not Hate are good at.
      I also think it’s time to go on the intellectual attack whilst getting our messages over to the public but communicating in as straight forward language as possible.
      Our key desire is to fight the Tories over the mess they are making and for working people who are suffering under the Neo-Liberal Tory deliberate political choice of austerity but our detractors like attention seekers keep trying to bring the World’s attention back to their narrative. And Labour exists to serve diverse working people!
      Anti-Semitism is being Far Right and last time I looked Labour wasn’t!
      Labour are taking action against the 0.1% of its membership who face charges of possible anti-Semitism.
      According to Hope Not Hate rich US billionaires are about to pour millions into the Far Right around the World (is this legal?) and Labour and Trade Unions will be on the front line confronting them, so like Cable Street all diverse working people should join them!

      1. We need some serious organisation to create ‘x’ number of ‘….friends of Israel’, get the money off them and then start criticising the critics of Labour.

    2. “Aka Syrian observatory for human rights being some bloke above a grocer’s shop in Watford (or wherever). ”


  14. Just heard Len’s comments.
    Len I like you and voted for you.
    But don’t give them an inch, they want a mile!

  15. What? This is who is behind that Flower Twitter pic Sussex friends of Israel account?? lmfao. That’s who people have been taking solemnly seriously. This big idiot bullying thug who goes around threatening fights on a Saturday (at football??)… to intimidate what looks like older softly spoken people. And I thought he was Jewish, but according to someone here he’s “Christian”. Is this one of the regional Friend of Israel groups Shai Masot was speaking about setting up in that documentary?

  16. simon cobb seems to be a terrific ‘teaching tool’ Against Apartheid israel…his vitriol & spitting hatred informs anyone with intellect/curiosity.

  17. Does the psychotherapy department at the hospital know he has escaped and is not taking his medication

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