Breaking: Labour appoints Fadel Takrouri as new W Mids regional director

Fadel Takrouri

Labour has appointed highly-regarded, UK-based Palestinian Fadel Takrouri, chair of the British Arab Federation and well known to excellent Labour MPs such as Grahame Morris, as the new regional director for the West Midlands. Coventry-based Takrouri, who still has family in Palestine, is considered a solid and extremely capable left-winger.

In breaking news, a new deputy director position for the region is also to be advertised following the formal resignation this week of the incumbent. All the smart money is on another outside appointment with close union links.

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    1. Of course, with the usual AS nonsense amplified by the MSM as instructed by their handlers in the current right-wing Israeli government – more so that you mention that he has Palestinian heritage.

  1. Well, it’s marvelous news that we have finally got a U.K. based person for this position. Remind me skawk, where were the previous holders based?

    1. Just making sure it’s absolutely clear as otherwise simply saying ‘Palestinian’ would be bound to have some people asking why he’s *not* based in the UK…

  2. How long before this is twisted into being anti-semitic ffs!

    Good to see these right wing PLP saboteurs getting their just deserts.

  3. I believe the deputy post to have been filled without advert from the unsuccessful Director candidates. Not good employment practice as the position hadn’t been advertised.

    1. Given your expertise in HR I’m sure Jennie and her team appreciate your valuable input but I think they are almost certainly in a better position to judge this than you are.

  4. Well lets see how he performs in routing out the rot that is present in the region. I hope to see in coming weeks a flurry of resignations,,, who knows this may just be the trigger needed.
    It sends a very clear message to LFI JLM etc
    New RW neolib party anyone ? step forward the usual suspects , over to you , we’re waiting for you ………………………………………………….

    1. “It sends a very clear message to LFI JLM etc”

      Errr… what does? 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. Well ,, I guess because he’s a Palestinian and not a Zionist Israeli agent , just my opinion and take on it so therefore a little “balance” is now reintroduced to the West Mids ;-))

  5. Caught the end of a Newsnight piece about the ridiculous bullshit-believing Q-ANON conspiracy-nut Trumpers – and it really is like the ‘guests’ have taken over the asylum in the US – then again, the BBC bullshit machine laughing at Americans for not being able tell Stork from butter shows they have a MASSIVE self-awareness blind spot.

    I can’t WAIT to see the BBC’s AS-Propaganda Team and various other interested parties disappear up their own fundaments figuring out how to respond to Mr. Takrouri’s appointment.

    1. Normally I wouldn’t recommend watching Victoria Derbyshire but she really sticks up for Corbyn in this excerpt. For some reason I can’t post the link but the following search term will take you there.

      vox political /2018/08/16/ another daily mail anti corbyn smear falls apart

  6. Hmmm… I wonder if Mrs ian austin managed to coat the table legs with anti-bite varnish in time?

  7. Let’s see if he can manage to sort out the the Stoke Situation where hardworking, Corbyn supporting, sitting Councillor Ruth Rosenau is about to be de-selected despite having a 5 year complaint of bullying and harassment against the group leader who has spearheaded her removal. Five so called ‘Regional Director’s’ have acknowledged the complaint but have systematically failed to deal with it.

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