2014 Palestinian embassy post confirms: Corbyn there to commemorate 1985 victims

Today, the Labour Party has lodged a formal complaint with IPSO, the body that passes for a regulator for the main press titles, about the ‘MSM’s misrepresentation of Jeremy Corbyn’s 2014 visit to the Hammam Chott Palestinian cemetery in Tunis.

The media have wildly skewed the facts, claiming initially that Corbyn laid a wreath at the graves of those who carried out a massacre in Munich, then amending and expanding the story to attempt a grotesque smear. Those who carried out the Munich massacre are mostly buried in Libya, with a number missing and mostly believed to have been killed by Israeli agents in revenge for the slaughter. None is buried in Tunis.

Corbyn, meanwhile, has maintained that he was there to commemorate the victims – many of them Tunisian civilians – of an Israeli airstrike in 1985 that was condemned at the time both by Margaret Thatcher and by the United Nations Security Council and that while wreaths may have been laid at the graves of others, he did not participate (nor are the graves those of Munich perpetrators).

The visit took place on 1 October 2014, the anniversary of the Tunis airstrike and a Facebook post a couple of days later by the Palestinian embassy in Tunis confirms Corbyn’s version of events entirely:


The ‘MSM’ tales are exposed as naked, politically-driven – and increasingly desperate – smears.

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  1. We should not be surprised at this. Neo-libs will resort to ever dirty tricks.

  2. We’re fighting back AT LAST. Don’t spoil it Jeremy by being intimidated into accepting the the IHRA examples, we’ve already gone too far in accepting the damn definition in the first place.

  3. Someone commented on one of SB posts a few days ago that the MSM are undermining themselves by publishing these completely inaccurate stories. I have also argued that no one takes the MSM seriously nowadays, and one of our colleagues commented that probably MSM is still influencing public opinion, hence Labour’s lack of traction in the polls despite this most horrendous government – still hovering +-40’s and a spitting distance from the Tories when we should actually be miles ahead.

    My response to the point about our lack of traction in the polls is that may be it’s also because at the moment, Labour appears like a divided party, as the right-wing faction are proud to prove at any given opportunity. Let’s wait and see after all these right-wing saboteurs have been de-selected and we have representatives in tune with the leadership and vast majority of membership singing from the same hymn sheet and propounding on our manifesto instead of wasting valuable time and energy by having to deal with internal saboteurs all the time. I am confident that when that time comes, no amount of negative shrill from the MSM will stop us. That’s when they will realize how irrelevant they are.

    1. Very good point and I had a dream that 350 left wing democratic socialist Labour MPs were elected who backed JC to the hilt!
      My vote will go to one – join us!
      I go back to my old saying: “Only the stars will ride the storm!”

  4. Oh and just when you thought we may be turning the corner M/S Right Wing Labour MP Hodge has just been on the radio calling JC anti-Semitic; our opponents just keep up the feeding of synthetic meat to the media!
    Perhaps M/S Hodge could get round to answering the questions about when she was quite rightly attacking Big Corporations for dodging tax and using offshore tax havens like Panama and Litchenstein why she personally had had a lot of money in Panama then Litchenstein? (Jewish Chronicle, Financial Times)
    And what do I always say: “You avoid tax if you use a tax haven centre!”
    Perish the thought that some would pay their full whack of tax to help the NHS, social care, addressing poverty, homelessness etc. etc.?
    Do as I say not do as I do?

    1. It looks like she has gone way worse than that. According to the Independent, she said that she felt like “a Jew in Germany in the 30s”.

      Yes, that’s right, being held to account for an abusive and foul-mouthed rant is the same as constantly living under the threat of being arrested, deported or murdered.

      I am quite surprised to find a) that I am still capable of being shocked and b) that it actually is possible to despise Hodge even more than I did yesterday.

      1. how the hell is Hodge still in the Labour party ?
        Members were expelled for retweeting support for the Green Party over 2 years ago ,, expelled for a Tweet !!! and she spews this utter poison , WTF !!
        She knows she’s out , thats for sure , hence don’t give a dam what she says or does ,,,

      2. Just read the almost unbelievable over on Evolve Politics
        Peter Kyle Tory MP for… OOOOPS sorry evidently he is a Labour MP for HOve is going to attend and share a platform with leading Tory MPs at the Tory Glastonbury event .
        Christ on a bike you couldn’t make this shit up really you couldn’t ,,,, fuck me unbelievable !

      3. Tick tock tick tock , clock is ticking Hodge and all the other lovely loyal RWingers , Sept 22nd is coming and so is the approval of mandatory reselction at this years Labour Conf .

      4. peter kyle at tory glastonbury?

        He’s bound to get bums on seats, I’m certain. The attendance might even treble to 51 this year. Perhaps one of them might even be under 47 years old…Dragged along, kicking & screaming by ‘pater’ , under threat of disinheritance.

        I’m really not arsed that kyle’s agreed. Just surprised greasy & phillips haven’t.

        Mind you, even ‘tory glastonbury’ probably conjures images of hedonism & debauchery to the likes of philips’ mate rees-mogg. The thought of listening to anything other than ‘pomp & circumstance’ (And certainly any post-classical music) probably dismays him immensely. So that’ll be him – and as a result, her – out.

        greasy’s probably hated by the toerags as much as she is by the left. the godawful melt.

  5. I don’t despise them, I’m actually starting to pity our opponents.
    Their clear lack of reading and critical thinking makes me wonder if history will ever know that they existed?
    Some of us want to crush intellectual titans in the process of us all winning WITH diverse working people as an example to the World.
    But feel the need to be creative with a poem:
    “Empty vessels make the loudest noise!”

  6. Never let the facts get in the way of a good smear! …….but when publicly funded Public Service Broadcasters participate, it is much more sinister.

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