Corbyn’s Tunis trip cost below declaration threshold

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Jeremy Corbyn

Right-wing rags have been desperately peddling the innuendo that Jeremy Corbyn might have done something bad by ‘failing’ to declare his 2014 trip to Tunisia – already the subject of increasingly-desperate and ineffective smears about wreaths and standing next to people – in the register of MPs’ interests.

The smear runs something like, “If Corbyn needed to declare it and didn’t, then he should have!”

Senior sources in the Labour Party tell the SKWAWKBOX that the answer is as simple as could be: the value of the visit was below the threshold for declaration. Another smear bites the dust.

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  1. IF Tories and their trolls ARE vegetable-based alien life forms grown in pods and haven’t declared it they should have.
    Yes, I AM antiVegemitic – I fucking hate every one of the tasteless green bastards and I don’t care WHO knows it.

  2. It cannot be good for democracy that the media spends so much time attacking the opposition whilst failing to hold the government to account.

  3. I reckon it’ll be something along the lines of:

    ‘EXCLUSIVE – Corbyn once bought candlestick from antique shop in 2004 that now displays WWII wehrmacht ‘coal scuttle’ helmet in shop window – Further ‘evidence’ of (extemely tenuous) link to antisemitism on pages 4-14′


    ‘Corbyn shook hand of nurse who’s midwife sister-in-law delivered distant relative of would-be anarchist questioned only 3 months ago by PCSO about carrying placard at anti-austerity protest.’

    Oh sh*te – I’ve given them ideas now, haven’t I?

    1. Probly not. It’s just as well breathing comes naturally to the majority of them; cos if they had to learn how to do so…

  4. I assume that Zac Goldsmith also wants Margaret Thatcher posthumously ejected from the Tory party for condemning the Israeli airstrike that Tory Lord Sheikh and Jeremy Corbyn were commemorating?
    If Goldsmith doesn’t demand that Thatcher also be targeted, then it would look like he was guilty of Islamophobia.

  5. Hasn’t Netanyahu wading in on Twitter to condemn Corbyn just been a massive own goal? It does kind of give credence to the idea that this whole smear campaign is being directed by the Israeli state…

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