Dear Times and Daniel, I don’t know how to tell you this: Corbyn can’t see the future. Even a month

The desperation of the smears against Jeremy Corbyn has been increasing – and increasingly apparent – over the last few weeks.

The claims that Corbyn had laid a wreath at, or been beside, the graves of some people who are buried in a different country were ridiculous – but a low point was reached with the Mail’s attempt to smear Corbyn by association when it blared that Corbyn had attended the wedding of a man who may or may not have done something bad four years later.

It seems that word may have got around the right-wing press. Something along the lines of this entirely imaginary conversation, perhaps:

DM: “I think we may have gone a little too far with that four-year smear. After all, even our readers aren’t going to be fooled that Corbyn should be able to know what’s going to happen years before the fact.”

Other right-wing rag: “Yeah, you’re right. You did end up looking a bit of a knob. I think we need to dial it back a bit. Nobody’s going to believe he can see four years into the future.”

DM: “You’re right. What do you reckon then – a month?”

ORWR: “Yeah, a month. Much more realistic.”

Fanciful, perhaps. And yet the latest smear attempts to persuade us of exactly that – at least according to Daniel Sugarman of the Jewish Chronicle, who portentously announced on Twitter on Wednesday evening:

sugarman twat.png

Mr Sugarman then goes on to post some horrific – and horrifically graphic – images of a blood-soaked room and bodies.

The attack was rightly condemned, both by the Israeli government and by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. But none of them knew a month beforehand that it would happen.

Neither, self-evidently, did Jeremy Corbyn.

Nor was he standing next to the perpetrators of the hideous attack, but rather next to the man the PFLP had sent to a peace conference. One of the awkward things about working to end a conflict is that it often entails talking to those who are involved in it. Corbyn has spent his adult life working for peace, including playing a key role in removing barriers to the Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland.

Mr Sugarman is not the only one to consider Jeremy Corbyn’s lack of clairvoyance damning. The Sussex Friends of Israel group seems to have considered it so incriminating that last night it was crowing over the end of his tenure as Labour leader when the latest supposedly-explosive revelation came out.

The SKWAWKBOX has some news for Mr Sugarman and the Times and anyone else daft enough to think ‘seen next to someone who did something later’ smears make anyone other than those making them look bad – “and I don’t know how to tell you”, but here it is:

Nobody knows the future – not even Jeremy Corbyn.

The SKWAWKBOX tried to contact Daniel Sugarman for comment but was unable to find an email address and he’s blocked us on Twitter.

Presumably, when he did it he didn’t know we’d one day need to contact him.

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  1. I wish we could trace all these smears back to the person who started it. We could have a bet on who it was I guess. Who gains most from smearing Corbyn? The Tories? The Blairites? The Israelis or the US ?

  2. All violent death and injury, whether by state or terrorist, is a blot on civilisation.
    I believe Palestinian deaths at the hands of Israelis vastly outnumber Israeli deaths at the hands of Palestinians.
    Perhaps only constant repetition of the fact that spurious antisemitism claims are to distract us from the fact of Israel’s mass murder of Palestinians TO STEAL THEIR LAND will convince the MSM-brainwashed population of that truth.

  3. These smears are common behaviour of fascists. I think, like the USA, we are teetering on the edge of a pre Fascist state in the UK. Whilst my desire is to laugh off the increasingly stupid and obvious smears just keep in mind. This is what Fascists do to win power.
    What is essential now is no more concessions. This is not about anti Semitic stuff in the Labour Party it is about Israel who seem prepared, with a little help from their friends, to stop at almost nothing to “Stop Corbyn”.
    Never give up, Never surrender.

  4. There is always a backlash against ruling elites. Rather than trying to destroy him, the Powers that Be should be thanking their lucky stars that the backlash is being led by someone as mild and reasonable as Corbyn.

    If they succeed in destroying him, they may or may not put off the day of reckoning by a bit, but what follows will be far worse for them.

  5. Skwawkbox, if you can’t contact Daniel Sugarman because you are blocked then would it be out of order to ask others to do it on your behalf?

    1. ‘Fraid not. Would’nt be a wise move.

      Would leave Skwawky wide open to claims of (antisemitic) ‘harrassment’…And we know – only all too well – the way THAT works.

  6. This behaviour by the press will backfire. The British public (rightly by the way) do have sympathy for Jewish people. They don’t largely have sympathy for the foreign policies of Likud.

    By backing the a load of Netanyahu sympathisers turning on Corbyn, they will unwittingly cause more investigation into these foreign policies which are likely to repel voters rather than turn them into raging anti-Corbynites. The fact you have the “Free Tommy” mob and Katie Hopkins cheering on Netanyahu will set off alarm bells.

    1. This will happen only if we make it happen.

      This entry indicates that Labour Friends of Israel paid for someone, Ian Austin MP, to visit the AIPAC conference in Washington. I must admit that I did not know that LFI had links to AIPAC.

      Austin, Ian (Dudley North):

      4. Visits outside the UK:

      Name of donor: Labour Friends of Israel Address of donor: BM LFI, London WC1N 3XX Estimate of the probable value (or amount of any donation): flights, accommodation, meals, airport and taxi transfers, with a value of £1,500 Destination of visit: Washington DC, USA Dates of visit: 23-28 March 2017 Purpose of visit: To attend meetings and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee Conference. (Registered 12 September 2017)


  7. Apologies for the self-promotion, my motive is to get some serious investigation going into the anti-Corbyn smear campaign that probably has links to the militaristic Henry Jackson Society – but this needs establishing. And thanks for those who viewed “They Came Back.” I rushed it out yesterday, but at least it got 360 views that day.
    The details are not clear about CemeteryGate, and the narrative is in the hands of those who have an anti-Corbyn agenda, and I believe they distort. So, we need to let the light in. I think of my amateur efforts as basically a resource needing a “proper” journalist to take over.
    Like, it seems as though Corbyn’s account of commemorating the 1985 victims may well be vindicated if, as it seems, they are commemorated close by where the photos are shown. And we need to ask, just who was behind the Mail’s revisiting of that story – and follow up those who had detailed Twitter threads that painted a distorting picture (insofar as they did).
    So, anyway, I have had some success, since over 2000 have viewed the detailed research, MuralGaga. And I have nine other related pieces that I introduced in a thread. I seldom get retweets, though. Actually I had never tweeted before until I tweeted my long essay in 400 tweets, which I did because I was getting no response. So, if you want to get promote my aim, namely to get some serious attention to the way the Israel Lobby is working against Corbyn, do please consider retweeting. For example:

  8. Take it from me, the right wing papers will look like even bigger knobs (and liars and fools) when they try to defend their utterly precarious, dishonest positions to IPSO. And I say that in the full knowledge that IPSO are a basket case “regulator” with the best interests of the Tory press to the very forefront 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

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