Smears aren’t working. Labour leads in latest polling

Last night, the SKWAWKBOX published video of 18,000 young people at a festival in Cornwall spontaneously chanting ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ when the White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army played during their silent disco. It was a sign that the Establishment’s increasingly-desperate smears are failing.

Another sign this morning is the latest polling by BMGResearch shows Labour with a two percent lead over the Tories, up by two points on BMG’s last poll, with the Tories falling by a similar amount:

bmg poll 140818.jpg


ICM’s polling last week also had Labour ahead, making YouGov’s offering for the Times showing Labour behind look like an outlier.

Given the tendency of most polling organisations except Labour to understate Labour’s popularity, there will be gnashing of teeth this morning among the Establishment in and out of the Labour Party.

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  1. As George Galloway recently pointed out on his radio show, every time the polls show Labour in the lead, there is an attack on Jeremy Corbyn-

    1. Yes and no.


      About 60-70% of the population agree with Corbyn’s policies and positions when presented on their own. Also, this conservative government is an absolute mess wrecking the country, and, again most people agree on that. Therefore, in a functioning democracy, and with really balanced mainstream media wanting to inform the population, Labour would have won last year by a landslide, or lead right now by 20 percentage points.

      But our mainstream media are extremely biased in favour of big finance (not even in favour of business in general or the economy), and the smears are constant and, obviously, took their toll in terms of voting intentions. But don’t be mistaken, no matter who is Labour leader, it will be the same rubbish if they propose anything in favour of a bit of economic fairness or slightly socialist. Remember how Miliband also got smeared as well? Ironically, some of those smears were borderline antisemitic from the same outlets accusing Corbyn of antisemitism. And all what he proposed different from Cameron was some form of rent control…


      Those smears are often so ludicrous and the population is gradually waking up to it. It still gives Corbyn an appearance of being untrustworthy, but we can see it is now losing traction.

  2. The old saying, “you can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”, must be coming true.

  3. Good news. It shouldn’t be this difficult. The right-wing Labour group and their gullible slaves on social media are in effect, supporting a Conservative government along w/ most of the MSM. If the former had any democratic socialism in them at all then we would be 10 points ahead. Yesterday was an incredible day: we had people who describe themselves as “Labour” loudly repeating the lie that Jeremy had “honoured” some of those responsible for the Munich atrocity. Aside from the fact that it was obviously a pathetic and wholly inaccurate lie, they didn’t have the self-respect to stop, knowing that Jeremy has never, and would never, support people using violence. But so mired in hatred are they, so wedded to ignorance are they, so conservative are they, they simply don’t care.

    1. They are Social Democrats and not Democratic Socialists! That’s how they square their circle. I remember Angela Eagle, on QT, stating that she was a SD!

  4. I think it is working to some extent. If it wasn’t for the smears, Labour would be 20 points ahead.

  5. Athena Arise!
    Oh Mail of foulest filth and bile
    Pour forth thine propanganda
    To soothe the rich on tax free shore
    Serving Barbarians with empty thunder

    As Gove the grimmest reaper
    In selfish search for fame
    Stabs Boris of Big Brother
    Queen of Nasty lies waiting in the frame
    And Tory internal slaughter
    Brings forth our howls and derisions
    But stands not alone a decent man
    With a pocket full of visions
    Take care of this human

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