Boardmasters festival silent disco: 18,000 sing ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’

18,000 festival-goers sing for the Labour leader

It has been a summer of relentless smears against Jeremy Corbyn, his team and his supporters as the Establishment desperately tries to bring him down before the Democracy Review rule changes and Labour’s annual conference next month put the party beyond the reach of the Tory-Lites indefinitely.

But those smears appear not to be cutting through. At the Boardmasters festival in Cornwall last weekend, around 18,000 young people were participating in a huge ‘silent disco’ when the White Stripes’ ‘Seven Nation Army’ played through their headphones.

The result was electrifying – and suggests that enthusiasm for the Labour leader has not dimmed even a little:

They know where hope lies.

That sound in the background as the video ends? That’s so-called centrists and Establishment smear-merchants tearing out their hair.

Be prepared for even more desperate measures as they try to make something, anything stick before the key changes over the next 6 weeks.

Big hat-tip to @djdanpropaganda and @msparadoxy

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  1. Brilliant
    Jeremy’s inate goodness continues to shine through the fog of false accusations and hyperbole.

  2. I knew Jeremy never diminish but I am so happy to hear this message. Really great! Thanks a lot.

  3. So happy that the false and vile accusations spread by those who are desperate to get him out as Labour’s savour, isn’t working. The people have more sense than that can see through their evil intentions . #jc4pm

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