Queues outside Stoke City full house to hear Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn is speaking this evening at Stoke City’s ground – indoors rather than a stadium gig – and the room is already full: a capacity of around 600.

This is the scene outside as people queue out of sight to get in:

The smears are a busted flush and his popularity appears undiminished, as the latest polling seems to indicate.

What will the Establishment throw at him next?

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  1. Similarly earlier in the day in Walsall. JC had to address an overspill meeting in the car park for people who couldn’t get into the hall.

  2. Hard to throw anything when you’re treading water, you’ve fired off your last flare and SHIT, WHAT ARE THOSE FINS?

  3. So far Corbyn has been called a Communist spy, a traitor, a secret Nazi and anti Semite. None of it sticks because it is all nonsense. Next up – only because they haven’t used it yet – is a sexual slur. I’m sure there are photos of him smiling at children; that will do, roll the presses!

    1. They’ve already done it. Remember the muckraking about Corbyn’s alleged affair with a well-known female member of the front bench a long time ago?

      My reaction (and that of most people) is:

      1. It’s all gossip; it may not be true.
      2. Even if it is, it took place forty years ago,(!)
      3. Again, even if it is, how is it the business of anyone but the two individuals concerned?.

      It seems to me that the Establishment’s driven desperation to besmirch Corbyn’s image and reputation is becoming global, now Israel’s premier Benjamin Netanyahu has got into the act. Netanyahu’s involvement also confirms beyond reasonable doubt that the so-called ‘antisemitism’ allegations levelled against Corbyn and some of his prominent supporters (many of whom have themselves been Jewish).is all about Israel running scared at the prospect of a Corbyn premiership in which this racist state will cease to be armed and indulged and Palestine will be recognised as a nation.

      The unholy alliance of Blairites, Zionists and the Tory establisment should be called out for what it is. No more appeasement. Enough is enough!!

  4. Guardian said “One Labour advisor said the party had abandoned any attempt at a summer grid of positive news stories”. Mmmm. Wonder who that was, if anyone, and how wrong they are. Never believe what your read in the papers.

  5. As I sat in my favourite old Victorian pub (with Guiness close at hand) an old song came on: “All the young dudes, carry the news!” and I wrote:

    Last night I queued.
    Around a block.
    To hear a peaceful man.
    For Jeremy he agrees with ME!
    And is too a thinking human.
    But seeing such popularity.
    The media just do not understand.
    We’re all actually fighting for SOMETHING!
    Liberation and history to the bland!
    X & Solidarity!

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