‘Centrist’ MP’s bizarre fundraising evening with Blair fuels new-party speculation

Sedgefield MP Phil Wilson – a so-called ‘centrist’ Labour MP and vocal critic of party leader Jeremy Corbyn – was one of the few Labour MPs to reduce his majority in last year’s general election. Like others who saw reduced majorities, he had campaigned by ‘disowning‘ Corbyn.

Now Wilson has organised a bizarre fundraising event in his constituency featuring Tony Blair.

wilson blair

The event is bizarre not only because Blair – who preceded Wilson as Sedgefield MP – is widely held in contempt among members and locals say they were not consulted before invitations were sent out.

Even more noteworthy are the facts that:

  • the invitations carry no mention of what funds are being raised for
  • there is no mention of the Labour Party on the invitation and
  • the contact email provided is a gmail address and not a Labour one

This has led to speculation locally and at Labour HQ that the event is raising funds for non-Labour purposes, with some even wondering whether it might possibly be to raise funds and/or sound out support for the mooted ‘new centrist party’ that the SKWAWKBOX first flagged is being planned by a dozen or so right-wing Labour MPs, possibly together with europhile Tories and the LibDems.

The SKWAWKBOX emailed Phil Wilson and his assistant to ask:

Mr Wilson has sent out invitations to a fundraiser featuring Tony Blair. Please provide comment on the questions below by return:
  1. Sedgefield constituents say they weren’t consulted about this. Why?
  2. The invitations do not say what the funds are being raised for. What is the cause that will benefit?
  3. The invitation does not mention the Labour Party. Why?
  4. The invitation invites would-be purchasers to contact a gmail address rather than a Labour one. Why?
  5. The invitation says the names of all attendees must be disclosed in advance. Why?
  6. What will Mr Blair’s topic(s) be?

Thank you

No response has been received.

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  1. Tony Blair was never a true believer in the Labour Party. And those on the far right who still hanker after his ways are not true Labour Party Members either!

  2. And it doesn’t state where specifically it will take place. Will the attendees be notified of the venue shortly beforehand by email in order to avoid protests?

  3. It’s not THE tony bliar….Not at £35 with a drink & scran included, it isn’t. The real one would be £35 per second, and you can starve.

    It’s Tony Blair the osier weaver from Inverness, and the topic is: I am a rattan a basket case.

    1. More than happy to donate the £3 ( Special price for joining ) to their cause !

  4. If this is found to be a fundraiser for a new political party then surely the MP is in breach of party rules and should have the whip withdrawn immediately? Especially recalling that some party members only had to RT a Green Party tweet because the content so near the Labour party and they were suspended from the party.

  5. This sort of fundraising is probably just a fig leaf to maintain at least a pretence of legitimacy while gulf-state money flows in behind the scenes.

    If this new party does start up, it’s sources of funding ought to be a rich source of disrepute.

  6. I see that Watsons at it again , attacking Labour (and hence it’s members) over on the Guardian the Tory rag
    As all of them want ,as usual, the full imposition of the IHRA to stifle any criticism of the State Of Israel . Not a thought of the Palestinians but what the heck they don’t count anyway .
    How soon can we nominate Pete Wilsman for Deputy Leader ?

    1. Here you go WATSON , any comments , latest atrocity by the Israeli state as per the Indy

      “Israeli soldiers ‘kill 15-year-old Palestinian boy at border protest’
      Teenager was shot in the stomach and later died from his injuries, Gaza’s Health Ministry says

      So the full IHRA is really going to stop this murder then ehh Tom ? you Txxt !

  7. Are the The Community now going to be “absolutely furious” with Blair and Wilson for holding their (obviously antisemitic) soiree on a Friday evening?
    Or if not will they please explain with examples exactly why not?

    Is it not time we on the left pointed out the positively spooky similarities between antiSemitic hate speech and antiSocialist hate speech?

    We could compose a working definition (yes,with examples) to assist the none-too-bright antiSocialists in recognising the prevalence of sometimes casual, sometimes virulent antiSocialism – especially among The Community’s leaders.

    Hatred of Socialists as Socialists and not as individuals is clearly a hate crime and unfortunately is becoming endemic in The Community.

    I’m kidding, but only about what our response should be – who would seriously suggest we make ourselves look as ridiculous as The Community’s leaders have of late?

    1. A campaign against blatant intellectual fraud might be the way forward, exposing and opposing fakespeech, fakecrime etc.


  8. Your questions are redundant. If Tony Blair is attending a fund raiser then the funds are going to Blair, he wouldn’t attend otherwise.

  9. Perhaps Tony could give a talk on his memories of the Durham Miners Gala. It would go down a storm in the former Durham mining consituancy. I would certainly pay to hear them.

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