Outraged Labour members call #ResignWatson from 7pm tonight

Labour deputy leader Tom Watson has appeared in the Observer to brand Labour ‘shamed and embarrassed’, claiming the party will be “unfit for government, unless it calls an immediate halt to damaging arguments over antisemitism” – yet in his self-serving article he has, of course, perpetuated the argument.

Tom Watson

Members on social media have been asking why they never hear Watson talking about Labour policy, yet he can find time to write the nonsense published today.

And now Labour members and supporters are saying ‘enough is enough’ – and they will be mounting a Twitter protest this evening from 7pm to call for his resignation as deputy leader, by promoting the #ResignWatson hashtag.

Last week’s #WeAreCorbyn campaign trended at global number one, raising morale and reminding the UK why it needs Jeremy Corbyn and a Labour government.

But Watson’s departure would raise morale even higher.

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  1. Tom Watson demands that Labour are “unfit for government, unless it calls an immediate halt to damaging arguments over antisemitism” and he does this by using a big wooden spoon in the same non-factual shite the rest of his mob use. Is this the most hypocritical article published this year?

    Despite the fact he’s supposed to be the closest to power and in a position to effect the change he says is needed. What is the point of TOM WATSON?

    1. Keeping your enemies close doesn’t always work. This latest treachery from him is about as blatant as it gets. He needs to be cast aside now.

  2. Watson is a disgrace to my Party.

    He was a disgrace last year, when he undermined Corbyn at every single opportunity.

    He was a disgrace during his chums’ chicken coups.

    If he’s not prepared to support the member twice-elected leader, then he MUST go.


  3. I’m not daft enough to use social media, but I’ll be spiritually holding the exit door open for Watson at 7pm, hopefully closely followed by Woodcock, Mann, Phillips, Berger, Smeeth, Ellman, Hodge, Austen et al…

  4. Is this diatribe by Watson so he can bizarrely claim to be a victim of the ‘far left’ like Hodges.
    The pair of them are doing the best they can to get either expelled or to manufacture a justification for flounceing off in a cloud of self righteous faux indignation

  5. Poor Tom I doubt whether those who claim to be his friends actually like him.

  6. Things have reached a pretty pass when one of Max Mosley’s most prominent political associates is lecturing the Labour Party on the perils of anti semitism

  7. Seems like another chicken coup in the making. Since I’ve lost count of the coups and we’ve run out of numbers, I’ve decided to name them like hurricanes, male, female in succession: hilary, jess, tom, angela, owen, luciana, wes, louise, chukka, margaret:- looks like tom is coming round for the second time…or as Bill Shakespeare once said: “It is a tale
    told by an idiot, full of sound and fury – signifying nothing.”

  8. Watson was only elected and I must admit to voting for him, because he promised to give the Leader his full support. From day one, he has done exactly the opposite. He obtained his position by being dishonest and must therefore go.

    Sign this petition to force all MPs who resign to fight a by-election if they wish to try and remain an MP.

    1. I looked up the other candidates to refresh my memory and to be honest it reminded me of the US presidential elections… a choice of who you believe is the “lesser evil”. Watson may have been the best of a bad lot.

      I don’t expect Watson to step down under member pressure and only if he decides to join the much speculated about (neoliberal/neocon) last chance saloon party if it ever gets off the ground. I do see it as a last resort if they cannot oust Corbyn or control him and the party by any other means.

      1. I voted for Angela Eagle. Same thinking, she seemed the least bad of a bad lot.

        If I had the vote again, I would vote for Stella Creasey. Much as she is a right-winger within the party, she has largely kept her head down and got on with it, and on one noteable occasion inflicted a high profile and embarrassing defeat on the Tories.

        As a result, I have more time for her than any of the others.

      2. @Ultraviolet

        Words fail me.

        Just vote conservative instead. After all, not only does greasy (and her ‘partner’) make racist tweets, it also associates with toerag mp’s as if it’s the most natural thing in the world

        Oh and monopolises the constituecncy party withcfor it’s family

        So go’ed. Vote tory. Oh, and change your username to ‘deep blue’

    1. As Tom Watson post of Deputy Leader is an elected official I don’t think he can be sacked. It appears to be a choice between expulsion from the party or a challenger and an election.

  9. Given Mr Watsons defence of Hodge and Austin will he be ok with me calling him a useless,,treacherous w***** next time I see him as it my genuine and long held belief.

  10. Appalled at the behaviour of Watson. I am proud to be a member of the Labour Party led by the most decent man in politics, Jeremy Corbyn. Thousands are suffering under the cruel Tory Government, many seeing suicide as the only way out, yet Watson’s only agenda seems to be to destroy Jeremy Corbyn. He is a disgrace to the Party. He does not speak for me.
    Thank you.

  11. Watson has been standing behind Corbyn ever since he was first elected as leader – wielding a knife, stabbing him in the back over and over again.

    Watson should go. NOW!

  12. Tom Watson is nothing but a self serving backstabbing blairite, he didn’t vote against the Tories cuts, Welfare Bill. He’s voted for every war going. he has tried every thing in his power to derail Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. he’s a Tory with a red Tie. #ResignWatson

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