Left takes clean sweep in Pidcock’s CLP – as Blairites skip AGM… to listen to Blair

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Last May, the right-wing site known colloquially as the blue squeak published a typically snide and inaccurate article about the election of a right-wing chair in North-West Durham (NWD) CLP (constituency Labour party), the seat represented in Parliament by the excellent Laura Pidcock. The article, no doubt leaked by one of the CLP’s right-wingers, claimed that canvassing was an attempt to ‘fix’ the election.

On Friday, NWD held its AGM – the May election was unscheduled – and took a clean sweep of all positions, including that of chair.

A significant number of the CLP’s high-profile right-wingers were not there to witness their defeat – they had skipped the meeting… to go and listen to listen to Tony Blair in Sedgefield.

One of the NWD attendees at the event – organised by Sedgefield MP Phil Wilson to raise funds for an unspecified cause, as the SKWAWKBOX revealed some time ago – helpfully put out a social media message reflecting her delight at being there, along with photos of a number of her CLP colleagues:

gray blair.png

Others attending from the CLP included former NWD MP Pat Glass, Brynnen Ririe, who works as office manager for Bishop Auckland MP Helen Goodman and recently-resigned London regional director and former acting regional director of Labour North.

None of the four appear to have offered any congratulations on social media to the new ‘exec’, although that might just be an effect of their privacy settings.

Surprisingly, the ‘blue squeak’ hasn’t published anything about this complete reverse – or the absence of NWD members that might have played a small role in helping to seal it.

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    1. They aren’t Tories . Pat Glass was an excellent MP who retired for serious health reasons. She worked tirelessly from her office for all her constituents.

      Brynnen Ririe worked hard for Laura’s victory and I know as we door knocked round Tow Law in a rainstorm in the week of the election.

      As for Alison, she was a very effective fundraiser for our CLP and she is true Labour.

      So lay off my friends with your snide comments!

      What was Jenny Formby sating about unity?

      1. I don’t doubt your word Ursula , but the question to ask is why did they go and attend this event in the first place if they are such good loyal Labour party members.
        Would it not be more reasonable and loyal to be present at their CLP meeting to either fight their corner and express their dissatisfaction at the result or if they really are concerned about unity as Jenny F mentioned , then accept defeat graciously and move forward with the CLP , rather than , as some sort of what looks like , churlish backhand slap and rejection of the result.
        Blair’s reputation is somewhat tainted to say the least and he is and has never been in favour of a party that is socialist in nature .
        He is not the leader any more and really why would anyone want to be associated with this person who has caused so much damage to the reputation of a true honest SOCILIST labour party and continues to undermine the chances of it being elected to Govt is beyond me .

  1. Is there a collective noun for a group of well fed individuals with florid complections?

  2. If only I could turn the clock back to March 2003 and transport these Blair fans to Iraq.

    1. Ella – is that O Hagan?

      That is a very spiteful remark. These are all friends of mine. You were probably too young to remember the context of 2003 or the Labour government at the time.

      I liked Tony Blair but did not agree with going to war. However most of the country did. It was one of those moments in time.

      Some people with conveniently short memories have forgotten their position.

      There were other conflicts in our history where parliament has refused to allow the military to do what they are trained for and there have been unchallenged bloodbaths for which our hands are as stained as by commission. You can sin by ommision.

      Belgium has a law whereby it is an offence not to come to the assistance of a person in need. It is a law that could be emulated here.

      If you really think what you have written in such a flippantly callous manner you really should study more and from more than one source.

      No one person is in possession of the truth and no one leader is infallible. Jeremy Corbyn is no more perfect than Tony Blair and every leader has to earn our respect. We shouldn’t have to doff our caps or swear fealty in this day and age.

      I do hope you mature well. Way to go?

      1. Blair did one good thing – he made Portillo cry.
        That’s it.
        Swear fealty?
        We’d settle for you not helping the Tories to kill the poor and disabled with austerity.

      2. You’re being selective with your remarks!
        What about the one and a half million that marched in London and protested against the Iraq war?
        As you know well, most of the Country didn’t!
        As for Tory Blair, Bushes LAPDOG and Thatcher’s favourite son!
        Those out and out lies he spoke about WMDs!
        Your the one with a short memory…..

  3. If it wasn’t for this mob and their ilk we would be in Downing street.

  4. You can’t take the truth. I corrected your alander and smear but the truth is too good for some people.
    Buyers beware. Some sellers are not what they purport to be!

      1. If you keep ‘moderating’ comments from actual members of the CLP in question, you’re hardly gling to be better informed, either. This ‘article’ is nothing but pot stirring tripe and riddled with inaccuracies. You’ve been trolled.

    1. Danger, Will Robinson – Danger! Danger!
      Hope I don’t have to eat my words in two weeks when Jeremy turns into a vampire – that is what you meant isn’t it?
      Otherwise – please let the rest of us poor dupes in on your secret knowledge…

  5. I find it completely unfathomable that anyone who does not have learning difficulties could have the slightest regard for Tony Blair.

  6. Have you any thoughts about the actual wording of your contribution, Jack T ?

      1. Can I the politely suggest your coupling of Learning Disability in the context of political discourse and dissing down individuals is not helpful for people and families workng and living with those with learning disability. Simple point, I feel.

      2. David Walsh – does your criticism imply that readers of the Skwawkbox with learning difficulties will be hurt on seeing Jack T’s comment?
        Otherwise how would they be hurt?
        I use much more offensive descriptors myself on occasion – but only to the most deserving and never to or about the differently-abled.
        I don’t believe such use of such words affects discrimination but I stand ready to be convinced – over to you.
        Assuming you weren’t just virtue-signalling?

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