Theresa May’s betrayal to win vote – it’s not her first offence…

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Theresa May: devoid of principle and has form to prove it

As the SKWAWKBOX just published, Theresa May broke a solemn promise this evening to save her skin, by having ‘paired’ MPs – who were not supposed to vote because they were paired with women MPs who couldn’t attend to vote as they are on maternity leave – vote in order to fend off a key parliamentary defeat.

LibDem MP Jo Swinson outed the unprincipled PM on Twitter, but Labour MP Lucy Powell knows that May has ‘form’ for such a lack of integrity – and on a hugely important topic:



May betrayed women MPs this evening by breaking a promise on pairing – but just a few months ago, she did the same in an affront to the Windrush generation that she has persecuted first as Home Secretary and then as Prime Minister.

And then she allowed Amber Rudd to fall on her sword by resigning to save her.

Theresa May is devoid of principle – and under pressure she can’t mask it. But she’s being found out daily now and doesn’t even have the courage to follow through on her desperate attempt to avoid scrutiny for a couple of months once she found out Labour was whipping its MPs to contest it.

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  1. Do we have any parliamentary experts out there? Like Sgt Schultz “I know nothing” and would be grateful for a knowledgeable response to the following question ~

    Given her complete absence of principle or integrity is there anything parliament itself (as represented by Bercow?) can get Theresa May on? Something along the lines of “Bringing the House into disrepute”. An offence against accepted standards that means she is barred from taking part, and therefore cannot perform her duties as PM.

    If Dennis Skinner can be thrown out for speaking the truth surely May can be treated the same for her record of dishonesty.

    In the meantime I won’t hold my breath waiting for the BBC to tell the electorate what she’s been up to.

  2. Wasn’t there another occasion where a MP has to be brought from their car in a wheelchair due to illness after the government refused to allow them a “nod” through (sorry not sure what the correct term is)?

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