Labour’s statement on May’s chicken-run attempt to shut down Parliament to save her job

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Incompetent PM Theresa May went to extraordinary lengths yesterday to placate her party’s extreme-Brexit ultras – whipping her MPs to defeat her own proposals. She then promptly tabled a motion to send MPs home for summer five days early in an attempt to save her skin and hinder the inevitable plots against her.

The motion will go to a vote in the Commons today – and the Labour Party has made clear that it will fight her attempt to run and hide from the consequences of her incompetence and cowardice.

A Labour source said:

With the NHS in crisis, the Tory’s Brexit negotiations descending into farce and local councils on the brink, the last thing Theresa May should be trying to do is send her MPs on holiday early to try and escape them bringing her down. We’ll be voting against her latest desperate move.

Given the likelihood that knife-sharpening Tory MPs will also vote against the move, its success is not a foregone conclusion.

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  1. Shithouses ought to be copping the same fines that parents are getting for taking their kids out of school five days early.

    ‘Five days school is vital’ they say…Well what about five days of (supposedly) running the f**king country, for complete fs?

    Any MP invited onto a political show in the recess that fails to mention this abject despicable cowardice is not only unfit for office; they are made of the same yellow, traitorous sh*te as their bone idel,cowardly toerag counterparts, and should therefore be prevented from being a candidate at the next election.

  2. She’s in a hurry to go hiking with Woody. That’s so she can have a revelation and announce a much-denied 2nd referendum.

  3. give them the extra days of and send the tories out into the mess they have created on a minimum wage or less, they need education not stupidity

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