Expelled ‘centrist’: “renaming Labour moderates” to UKIP would be the way to go

Labour ‘moderate’ Andy Bigham was recently expelled from the Labour Party for supporting the Tories, both in comments on Facebook and even in running a Tory Facebook group. Bigham came to wider attention after making offensive comments on the same platform about putting Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott in a ‘box with the lid fastened firmly’.

Bigham has now announced via his Facebook profile that he has ‘sever[ed] all my ties’ with Labour – even though that had already been done for him – and has joined UKIP.

bigham ukip cropped.png

Even more entertainingly – and many would say tellingly – he also made an interesting comment about his intentions regarding two ‘Labour’ Facebook groups he runs. The Tory group ejected him after finding out that he was still a Labour member while he was helping to run their group.

Bigham said of his ‘Labour moderates’ group:

bigham moderates.png

Bigham’s ease with a UKIP way of thinking will surprise few Labour members who have been outraged by his social media comments – but his claim that a ‘Labour moderates’ group can be repurposed to a right-wing group simply by renaming and relaunching it will raise many wry smiles, as similar thoughts must pass regularly through a lot of left-wing members’ mind about ‘Labour moderates’ in general.

His comments about being a ‘loyal Labour supporter’ may also amuse, given his behaviour since 2015, but the fact he feels ‘more at home’ in UKIP at least serves to shed even more light on the nature and politics of so-called ‘centrists’.

The SKWAWKBOX’s inbox received a small flood of messages from members pointing out Mr Bigham’s decision,  all with comments along the lines of ‘good riddance’, so it seems he will not be missed by any with more authentic Labour values. However, it will be interesting to see how his co-moderators and frequent defenders feel about both his new membership and the idea of becoming moderators of a UKIP group.

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  1. It’s chilling to think that there are still like-minded individuals who continue to exercise power in the Labour party’s structures

  2. I don’t knowingly know any kippers so just guessing here… but since the Tories would seem the better fit is it possible they’ve turned him down?
    Why else would a rat jump ON a sinking ship?

  3. I used to work with someone who was a staunch kipper. He was actually a good bloke, a “benign patriot” who did a bit of charity work here and there and was just fed up to death with the mainstream parties – the sort that thinks – why vote Labour (pre Corbyn), they won’t renationalise the railways or stop jobs going overseas and only want to join foreign wars, and insist on quotas everywhere and why vote Tory – they won’t support our troops, hate working people, and won’t crack down on crime or instill discipline in schools.

    I have no idea if he still votes for the party, given that they seem to have become first a parody and now just the liberal wing of the BNP, but I’m fairly sure he’d have no truck with serial defectors like this.

    I do know a few people who voted UKIP last time around who voted Labour this time, so despite the media narrative, I think a lot of ex UKIP voters are good people who are disillisioned with society and have been dumped on the scrap heap, rather than being simple racist Thatcher obsessives. The same could be true about some of Trump’s support – after all many of the rust belt states voted Obama before – so clearly had absolutely no issue with race.

  4. Dogpole, I agree. I know quite a few kippers/exkippers and most of them are good people. Not totally understanding of our political system but with a deep sense that they’ve been properly shafted by that same political system.
    Perfect prey for fascist scum like faridge.

  5. I fully acknowledge your comments Dogpole. I worked abroad with a UKIP guy (unusual because most people teaching English abroad are lefties) and he got a serious pounding for his views – you know – the lads taking the piss. I had a couple of serious sessions where we got down to comparing views sympathetically and at the end of the day we both actually wanted exactly the same thing but we both had different views of how to achieve it. So there are definitely people in UKIP who are really labour people but, because of the media and dishonest politicians, have been tweaked to think they believe something different (and who have been disillusioned by previous right wing labour governments

  6. So many comfortable bourgeois Blairites in the Labour Party who fail to comprehend that so many working class people believe that the ‘globalist’ remainers do not have their interests at heart. U need 2 have a law degree B4 U can become a Labour MP. If the Labour party reject the working class vote, U might as well join the Liberals. Y are there Trade Unionists on the streets of Paris? What is happening in Greece? Don’t worry, we will not B allowed to leave the EU, Brexit means Remain & the elites will not allow it 2 happen. We are just swimming in the Med aka going thru the motions.

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