Breaking: Met Police ‘find bottle of Novichok’ at Rowley’s residence


The Metropolitan Police Service has just announced that they found – on Wednesday – a bottle containing Novichok toxin at the home of Charlie Rowley, one of the victims of the recent Amesbury poisoning. No information about how it is meant to have arrived there has been released, although Mr Rowley is now conscious.


No conclusions can be drawn until more information is available, but the comments of his brother about Rowley getting ‘involved with that lot’ – which the BBC recently failed to explore during an interview – suddenly loom larger.

Rowley’s partner, Dawn Sturgess, died tragically as a result of her exposure to the toxin.

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  1. Really? they didn’t search the house properly until now? It stinks of another dose of Novi-Crock.

  2. April 2018 – “The poison is so dangerous, the resources required to transport and administer it mean it can only be the work of a state actor”

    July 2018 – “The source of the poison is actually a local psychonaut/ladies man”

  3. Makes one wonder how anymore incompotent Putins “proffessional” hitmen could be. If I where him I would ask for my money back.
    They have had 10 years training for this (according to goverment sources) look what a mess they have made. No wonder they did’nt win the world cup. I hear Putin wanted it all sown up by the time the last match was played. If he hired Serco or Carrrilion this might have been expected. Although the White Helmets are considerably more qualified in this area. They would have sprayed a few bottles of toilet cleaner around to put our wonderful security services of the scent. At least we have a top notch profffesional CeO running Porton Down..er whats that?
    he was a Motorola salesman..er. thats alright most of the goverment does’nt trust experts anyway. For a nation of grand master chess players those Russkies have certainly got their strategy wrong this time.
    I think it’s time we should show them what we are made of and get our defence minister to tell them to go away or we will send the Orange man over to sort them out.
    Pip PIp!

  4. “That lot” could mean the drugs themselves, other addicts, MI6 or the Russians.

    First thought was that the type of bottle most likely to attract the attention of a recovering addict might be what I’ve just learned is called a ‘septa’ bottle – the type with a self-sealing diaphragm in the cap that the needle pierces when a nurse or doctor loads a syringe.

    Getting any kind of liquid container onto a plane and through UK Customs/Security would be difficult and risky.

    If I was a copper I’d check for doctor-accompanied patients entering the UK for specialised medical treatment during the month before the Skripals were attacked.
    I can’t offhand think of a better way to get something like that through customs without using the diplomatic pouch.

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