Video: BBC calls centrist Umunna a Tory MP. Takes a while for the penny to drop..

umunna vacant
‘Tory’ MP Chuka Umunna. Er…

Centrist Labour MP Chuka Umunna appeared on the BBC’s Daily Politics show today to talk about Brexit. During a ‘deal/no-deal’ segment, the presenter referred to him as part of ‘another bunch of Tory MPs’.

It seemed to take a while for the penny to drop:


None needed.

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  1. Ha, ha, ha… BBC broadcasts truth for once, stating the true ideological situation re Umunna.

  2. Well that’s an unexpected home truth. Horrible condescending smug entitled man

  3. He is a Labour MP until it suits him and his fellow travellers to be something else.

  4. The confusion is understandable in much the same way that John Bolton is routinely (and wrongly) described as a ‘neo-conservative’.

  5. Umunna constantly undermines Labour’s agreed policy and it is time he was told to button it. He was one of the ‘Laboiur’ MPs invited to Downing Street for a Tory briefing so it is time for the NEC to act.for they would suspense ordinary members for much less.

  6. The first myth to destroy about bourgeois politicians is that they know everything about everything – they don’t, they just pretend they do and have an army of advisors then present themselves as ‘The Great Men and Women of History’ (without an original idea in their heads) as though WE NEED THEM?
    Perhaps as ‘Little Human Beings’ they say what they think you want to hear rather then what they believe and you NEED TO HEAR?
    This is what left wing democratic socialists should do, say what we believe and be honest with people; as diverse working people we don’t need the ‘Great Men and Women of History’ and perhaps we just need each other?
    Perhaps this is part of the JC left wing democratic socialist revolution – we should be grassroots, participatory and bottom up lead with JC as the Leader/Facilitator of our power and perhaps the Old Left has to learn the new ways and learn to let go too?
    I actually pity some in Labour who have fallen for what old radical socialists called “Parliamentary (Council) Cretinism” (wheeling and dealing, back me on this and I”ll back you on that CRAP because they think this is what you have to do ‘to get on’ when we should democratically choose people on their IDEAS, passion and commitment to fighting for diverse working people.
    Standing for what you believe in and being honest is actually liberating and refreshing and is better than PATRONAGE.
    Perhaps part of JC’s attraction (but what the Right in Labour and outside and in the media don’t understand) is that we support JC because he agrees with us! Ha! Ha!

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