Tories’ Brexit incompetence again – they can’t even get Brexit Secretary right

The Tories’ Brexit incompetence has become increasingly transparent uselessness next to the focused, well-prepared professionalism of EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier and his team the longer the negotiation process has gone on.

From attacks on the UK’s own ambassador to the death-stare Boris Johnson received from Theresa May during Prime Minister’s Questions for his ‘meltdown’ warning, May and her ‘team’ have made the Keystone Cops look like the SAS.

But it seems that incompetence is all-pervasive – extending even to the simplest of tasks.

The admin for the Tories ‘UK Prime Minister’ Facebook page only had one job on Thursday: publish a feebly crowing post of a picture of Theresa May and Brexit Secretary David Davis signing a piece of paper. But it didn’t go well.

Here’s a screenshot of the post in question:

may davis.png

The text accompanying the snap lamely describes the pair signing ‘commemorative’ copies of the ‘EU (Withdrawal) Act’ for the ministers involved with it – and tags both May and Davis in the post:

ukpm sig.png

Or rather, it doesn’t. Hover the pointer over the linked page for David Davis and it fails to reveal the gurning Tory front-bencher:

may wrong davis 1

Instead of the UK’s Brexit Secretary, the post links to Australian Liberal MP David Davis, who looks very different:


The Brexit Secretary may be an unimpressive politician, but you’d expect his own party to be able to identify him reliably.

This isn’t the first time the Tories have confused one of their own MPs with an Australian of similar name. In January, the Tories tweeted thanks for a weekend campaign – to confused Labor MP Paul Scully, rather than his Tory counterpart.


The Tories lurch from one fiasco to the next – and the more they try to be cocky, the more certain that they’ll suffer a pratfall.

But their incompetence on Brexit is a disaster for the whole country. As Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry told them last autumn, they need to move over and let the grown-ups get on with it.

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  1. It really does show them up for what they are. A bunch of incompetent prats.

  2. Guessing those commemorative copies are destined for the cupboard under the sink rather than pride of place on anyone’s wall.

  3. Most probably due to that ghastly Australian. lynton crosby.

    I say ‘ghastly’ because he really is – but the toerags can employ him as long as they like 🙂

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