Video: Johnson squirms for 2nd time in same #PMQs as Corbyn quotes him back to May

johnson squirm.png
Boris Johnson – on the hook for the second time in the same PMQs

As the SKWAWKBOX showed earlier, a beetroot-faced – or possibly gammon-faced – Boris Johnson was on the receiving end of a death-stare from Theresa May as a rampant Jeremy Corbyn took . the Tories apart during today’s PMQs (Prime Minister’s Questions) over their Brexit incompetence.

But that wasn’t the end of the Foreign Secretary’s discomfiture.

Corbyn ‘punked’ Theresa May by warning the Commons that the government’s feeble Brexit efforts were about to become a ‘melt-down’, drawing May into wagging a finger at him – before revealing that the words were not his – but Johnson’s:

Johnson again looked transfixed, before making a few flustered-looking gestures. But he’s hoisted by his own words, that the government is in melt-down and that the Treasury is letting down the side by not wanting the country and the economy to be damaged.

The Tories are in absolute chaos over Brexit – and the May/Johnson split is looking ever more likely to be the hole below the waterline of their foundering ship.

Corbyn, meanwhile, looks ever more the Prime Minister in waiting.

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  1. Thanks for this @Skwawky. I didn’t watch PMQ’s today (Seldom do)

    Just a shame that the SNP waltzing out of the commons will get ALL the politics headlines on the bbc.

    It’ll be as if this never happened for the majority of the populace 🙁

    1. True enough; but if it didn’t happen on the beeb then it just didn’t happen…

      1. I was right…It looked promising for a second…but it just didn’t happen, did it @kuenssberg?

        Of course not; it was cut right after may laughed and pointed at Corbyn.

        No awkward pause, being utterly stuck for an answer may, and no belisha beacon-headed boris, giggling like a mischievious little pixie (As rees-mogg would probly describe the oaf’s ‘gallows humour’).

        Pffft!! :/

  2. And don’t forget in the previous Tory Leadership campaign when the Tories were at each others throats and May snuck in without a contest, Gove stabbed Johnson in the back.
    Then Boris described Gove as “Having pyschopathic tendencies”.
    Now they’re all pretending to be the best of mates as they do as skilled PRETENDERS who are really for the rich and powerful!

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