Hunt’s ‘Happy 70th’ to NHS is restricted treatments – and the anguish they will cause

hunt guilt

Worst Health Secretary in history,  Jeremy Hunt has presided over – most NHS workers and activists would say caused – the deepest crisis in the history of the nation’s greatest treasure.  Waiting times, ambulance waits and cancelled operations are now routine at levels that were previously almost unknown even at the height of winter crises.

So bad have things become that, yet again, tens of thousands of people felt compelled to march in London yesterday in a protest to mark the NHS’ seventieth ‘birthday’:

But Hunt’s idea of a ‘birthday gift’ was to announce that a host of staple NHS treatments that have made a difference to the lives of hundreds of thousands would be either rationed or cancelled –  from tonsillectomies to arthroscopic knee surgeries – as well-known campaigning NHS doctor made clear:

Many of the operations are to cure extremely painful or limiting conditions.

Hunt claimed it was because the treatments are ‘ineffective’ – but did not elaborate the basis for this judgment. However, the announcement triggered people to take to social media to describe the huge difference that those treatments had made to their lives – making a mockery of Hunt’s claim:

Hunt alleged that these treatments will be performed when the NHS deems it ‘necessary’ –  as if the NHS has been busy doing unnecessary surgeries for decades.

But this amounts to nothing less than Tory conscious cruelty – and an anything-but-clinical decision to end even the pretence of the NHS as a comprehensive health service under the Tories.

Until now, the government has largely allowed local trusts and Clinical Commissioning Groups to take the blame for local variations in services in our fragmented NHS – the ‘postcode lottery’ affecting fertility treatment and others – but now Hunt has centrally taken vital treatments off the table.

The NHS has served us all brilliantly for seven decades. It has taken just eight years of Tory government to bring it to its knees – and Hunt has started slicing away its flesh to ‘celebrate’ its birthday.

We must fight for it – and the first step must be bringing down the government that first emaciated it and is now cutting off its digits for supposed ‘ineffectiveness’ in spite of the clear evidence and the testimonies of thousands that say otherwise.

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  1. The Muppet minister! Bars grommets for glue ear!
    Don’t do them but supply a special needs teacher & disability payments for an almost deaf child for years! the ongoing cost will FAR outweigh the £200+ cost & will be cheap in the long run what a t**t as Danny Dyer says!

  2. I had two carpal tunnel ops at Gobowen Othopaedic Hospital in 2000 and 2001. Prior to that I had suffered from disrupted sleep, because I woke up with this ‘dead’ thing in bed which turned out to be my arm and I had to lift it up with the other hand to get the circulation back. This usually happened a few times during the night every night. I was unable to do things like painting for more than 10 minutes, I dropped items because I either exerted too much pressure when holding them or too little.
    These 2 operations have given me two ‘new’ wrists, undisturbed sleep and very good quality of life. I am still free of any symptoms after 17 and 18 years respectively.

  3. It’s no more than I expect from Hunt and the Tories. They have tried to get rid of the NHS since it’s birth and now they are dismantling it bit by bit. The NHS is probably the greatest thing this country has ever come up with and to see these vandals destroy it is heartbreaking

  4. If Hunt is removing “ineffective” operations from the NHS, can we expect ineffective Health Ministers to be removed also?

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