Mail ‘election guru’ journo Hodges gets a public Corbyn ‘roasting’

Dan Hodges used to be on call for the media as a ‘Labour’ pundit for negative views of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, before he came out as a Conservative supporter in time to vote Tory in last year’s General Election.

Since then, with his (blue) colours nailed to the mast, he’s continued to write for the Daily Mail, which styled him in last year’s General Election campaign as an ‘election guru‘.

Which makes his tweet this morning expressing astonishment – still – at Labour’s General Election performance amusing and what followed funny indeed.

Hodges tweeted about his enduring mystification at the way in which the political parties missed Labour’s ‘Corbyn surge’:

hodges 1.png

Of course, not every part of all the parties failed to detect it. Many on Labour’s left – including the SKWAWKBOX – saw it coming early. But Hodges was not the only ‘MSM’ figure to miss it.

But when Twitter user Stephen Smith pointed out that there were signs of the surge for those objective enough to see them, Hodges didn’t resist the temptation to argue:

hodges smith.png

Cue author Alex Nunns, no stranger to handing out a schooling on social media and known for a knack of coming up with handy – or inconvenient – facts when needed. Hodges initially followed his pugnacious instincts – but it didn’t end well.

It’s a long thread – but well worth reading through:

nunns hodg 1nunns hodg 2nunns hodg 3nunns hodg 4nunns hodg 5

Even the editor of the BBC’s Marr show was impressed:

burley nunns

And at least one spectator decided to add his own contributions:

doran hodg 1doran hodg 2

Some briefly felt the spectacle had reached its humane limit – but others disagreed and one even awarded a ‘medal’ to Nunns’ ‘cooking skills’:

hodg gen

The whole Establishment got last year’s election badly wrong, of course – not just election guru Dan Hodges.

Which is a lesson worth remembering for any who might be tempted to give too much credence to the way the ‘MSM’ and various pundits and gurus are portraying the political landscape now.

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  1. Hodges must be the only bloke to encourage people to jump onto the sinking ship from the Lifeboat! Well done that man!

  2. My opinion of Hodges is unprintable. I will never forget the front page of gutter press with depiction of Corbyn in a coffin spitting blood as depiction of Dracula. That is hate gone ballistic. Time to pension off folk who use MSM to ramp up hatred. HorridHodges should be totally ignored as his only aim is to destroy the Labour Left. Good riddance to the Tories. It was obviously his natural political home.

  3. Good grief if I was as totally incompetent as that Tory Turd Hodges in my job , I’d be sacked on the bloody spot !
    What a complete prick
    Mind you he joins a long list of other MSM ” gurus” who got it all spectacularly wrong.
    Thank goodness for the bloggs like this one and the NLM it’s now the only way we get to see some redress and balance to the relentless attacks by right wing elites and their useless idiots on Labour under Corbyn.
    And thank you Alex ! brilliant.

  4. A case of the media trying to create a self-fulfilling prophecy: Talk down Corbyn’s chances so loudly and so often that voters will start to believe it and not ‘waste’ their vote on someone who is going to lose. It probably worked to an extent, without such coverage I’d say Labour would have won.

    Expect more of the same next general election.

  5. What a complete cockroach!
    Hodges, your behavior is a skidmark on socialism and the biggest party of members in europe!
    How did you, get involved with our party, in the first place?
    Was it “LIES”, you love to tell?
    Or were you a Tory “PLANT”?
    Whatever, were well RID, of your ilk!

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