Video: children cry as US border guard MOCKS their tears. May MUST cancel Trump’s invitation

immigrant child.png
Horror: one of thousands of traumatised immigrant children ripped from their parents

The horror of the US taking children of immigrants away from their parents is sinking in across the world as footage and audio of the terrible plight of those children and the inhumanity of Donald Trump’s policy circulates.

The video below is complied from footage released by Channel 4 News and the Standard – with the pathetic justifications of Trump and his apologists removed. There is no justification.

In one harrowing excerpt a US border guard, speaking Spanish, mocks the cries of terrified children, telling children that they’re his ‘orchestra’ but need a conductor:

The holding pens have been described as ‘concentration camps’ and as ‘Guantanamo for kids’.

As the video shows, many people in the US are as horrified as we are. Donald Trump has no place in this country – and many US citizens must feel he has no place as president of theirs.

They don’t have much choice for now, but we do.

Theresa May MUST rescind his invitation to come here.

(For the full Standard and Channel 4 videos on Twitter, click here and here.)

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  1. Hear! Hear! We don’t want the Right Wing Neo-Liberal Barbarian here.
    We would be stabbing these poor parents and kids in the back! We are seeing the Right Wing US Capitalist Barbarians in their true ugliness. Perhaps the fine US working people could rise up, put Trump in a cage “And charge a dollar and half just to see him?”
    We need working people and their representatives (who create the wealth and make societies work) to have the power instead of the Little People at the top! Barbarians to a man and woman.

  2. I wonder if she regrets hurrying to be the first to hold his hand after the election

  3. American religious right thinks even our Tories are godless Marxists.
    We on the actual left are the unspeakable spawn of the devil and fit only for target practice.
    Compared to some of them Trump looks like a moderate intellectual.

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