Children forcibly injected with psych-drugs under Trump immigration regime

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A report by the US Center for Investigative Reporting has revealed that, according to federal court filings on behalf of children and families, holding centres for children who have been stripped from their parent have been forcibly injecting children with high doses of powerful, dangerous anti-psychotic and psychotropic medications.

The substances used have caused disorientation, fatigue, loss of balance and of motor function. Officially-listed side-effects of the medications used include:

  • Parkinsons-like symptoms
  • hallucinations
  • permanent or degenerative brain damage
  • polycystic ovaries
  • suicidal behaviour
  • loss of appetite
  • depression
  • incontinence
  • slow reaction times
  • weight gain
  • diabetes
  • tinnitus
  • hair loss
  • rapid heart rate
  • abnormal involuntary movements
  • anorexia
  • amnesia
  • continuous spasms
  • blurred vision
  • vomiting
  • bleeding
  • liver failure

Forced drug use is just one facet of the abuse detailed in the legal papers. Children have allegedly been beaten, restrained and choked.

The drug regime is blamed on the ‘agitation’ of the children – but agitation is normal and expected in children suddenly and forcibly deprived of their parents and sense of security.

With shocking footage of distressed, caged children crying for their parents – and being mocked by border guards – already causing horror and anger, the revelation that detained children are being forced to take dangerous and unnecessary drugs normally used to control severe mental illnesses must surely cause a massive backlash against its instigator Donald Trump and those who condone or enable him.

That includes Theresa May, who has said that she will not rescind Trump’s invitation to the UK.


The resemblance to the horrors inflicted on children by the nazis is striking and grows constantly.

There can be no excuse for the UK’s weak Prime Minister continuing to enable a monstrous US president.

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  1. For some reason that old question, “Would it be morally justifiable to travel back in time to kill baby Trumptler” comes to mind.

  2. Barbarians enjoying their moment.
    Milking the people of worth.
    But their time will soon be over.
    As we end Trump’s hell on Earth.
    “Don’t it always seem to show.
    That you don’t know what you’ve got ’till its gone.
    It’s a pay paradise, put up a parking lot”
    (Joni Mitchell).

  3. They have learned nothing, actually it is worse: they have learned the wrong things to perfection.

  4. Trump is mad and evil. How could he dare do such a thing to children. The World have to condemn him as an evil. Of course T. May has to cancel his visit to UK otherwise it would be a huge problem. The nation will against for both of them, May and Trump.

  5. The only answer to a Trump visit would be to stage numerous road-side 21-bum-salutes (use your imagination) wherever his itinery takes him onto the Queen’s Highway…

  6. Melania Trump wearing jacket which said: ‘I really don’t care do you?’ when visiting migrant children in detention was potentially unintentionally honest, perhaps confirms just a PR stunt?
    Wonder if Mr Trump the Barbarian has a split personality?
    First he orders vile policy then says I saw the pictures last night and Trump Two says I am going to revoke this.
    But dig deep, US progressive websites (as well as reporting are detaining migrant babies and private detention centres are drugging kids) are reporting instead of incarcerating kids will be incarcerating migrant families together – some progress!
    Perhaps we are seeing the vile representative of the US rich and powerful Neo-Liberal capitalists at their ugliest.
    Need working people and their left wing democratic socialist reps to run the World instead of the True Little People at the ‘Top’.

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