Govt desperation shows in cruelty as well as cowardice as Tory rebels again fail to actually rebel

The Tories’ desperation has shown in weakness and cowardice, with the government again making any promise it has to in order to give its supposed ‘rebels’ the excuse they need not to actually rebel.

The BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg reported on the Daily Politics programme that the government and the never-quite-rebels had reached yet another compromise – and in spite of knowing May’s insincerity and inability to deliver on last week’s promises, they have shown themselves all too grateful to have an excuse not to do anything but obey.

But that desperation has also shown itself in cruelty.

Labour MPs who are ill would traditionally be allowed to turn up for a few minutes and would then be ‘nodded through’, before leaving with their vote counted. But so desperate are the Tories for every vote – and to rule out every possible Labour vote – that they have refused to follow the tradition today, as the FT‘s Jim Pickard revealed:

pickard shah.png

In more honourable times, Labour PM Jim Callaghan once lost a vote of confidence rather than force a sick MP to come in and vote, as John Rogan pointed out:


There appear to be no depths – of desperation or of moral bankruptcy – that Theresa May will not plumb to cling onto the semblance of power and cover the Tories’ complete Brexit chaos and incompetence.

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  1. Why would this be of any surprise…remember these turds KILL our citizens DWP….disabled….desperate…..fuxx uou just efff of and die.
    Actions past and present demonstrates this Tory bastard Govt is a murderous one!

  2. No surprise at all. Callousness has completely overtaken the Tories now.

  3. Tbh it’s now long long past time since the crown should have taken the last resort action and dissolved this parliament, there are enough non political issues to choose from…… Conscious cruelty to the subjects of the crown should do it. Wasn’t a Coronation oath to protect us?

  4. Oh yes our Right Wing Neo-Liberal Tory Barbarians.
    “Grand old Dominic Grieve he had a dozen Tory women and men.
    He marched them up to the top of the hill.
    Then he marched them down again, again!”
    My theory is that Mediocre May is trying to wear the public down by boring us all to death!
    Meanwhile it’s austerity for working people (for US) and Tory stuffing the mouths of the rich with gold – tax cuts etc. (for THEM).
    A very good recent public lecture on You Tube was by a US economist (Keldor) who had advised Bernie Sanders and she argued there is nothing wrong with deficit spending; the Republicans spend and don’t worry where the money comes from whilst it is always the Left that has to say where it will get the money from (but suggests this is a trap) reinforced by the Right Wing Media – Govts have found trillions for quantitative easing and always find Money for war or to bail banks out etc.
    Do you remember a few years ago when there were massive floods down South in predominantly Tory areas and Cameron said something like money was no object and it isn’t when it comes to the needs of their class!
    Keldor uses a great example when giving talks to hundreds who work in finance who initially feel unhappy with deficits.
    She gives them all mock 10 dollars as she in this setting like one bank has the monopoly of printing money then she says you are all taxed 7 dollars so they are left with 3 so she (as the bank) has a minus 3 dollar deficit but can print more and they seem fairly happy with plus 3 dollars. Then she starts again and gives them 10 dollars but says you are taxed 10 dollars but they have nothing and are not happy but she says I have just balanced the books which you all seem to like (Ha! Ha!)
    Oh and by the way the Left Govt. in Portugal (with a programme like Jeremy’s) has been a success, ending austerity, increasing public investment, creating jobs, and boosting the economy.
    The greatest victory of Neo-Liberalism was to stop the Left from dreaming; it’s time for Left Wing Democratic Socialists to start dreaming again!

  5. Laura Piddock was the other one, 8 months pregnant and in a lot of pain due to unborn child laying on the sciatic nerve these Tories always find new depths to plunge too absolutely discusting

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