In memory of Grenfell

To mark the first anniversary of the terrible loss of the Grenfell Tower fire and in solidarity with the survivors and those whose lives were affected – residents, families, neighbours, emergency services – the SKWAWKBOX’s side-header image has been changed for today to an image of the shrouded tower.

To those I’ve met there or who have told me their story, thank you.

Justice for Grenfell.



  1. The guilty men Phillip Davies MP for talking out all new regulations Thatcher for her bonfire of the regulations and Parker Morris Standards all the Tories who parroted one new only if two cancelled

  2. The danger of Tory national and local Neo-Liberal ideology.
    Kensington Tories cut the Grenfell budget from £3.1 million to £1.7m and decided against the more expensive fire proof cladding.
    So we can calculate the value of a diverse working class life to the Neo-Liberal Tories – £20k.
    I am goinging to a vigil in my city at 5.00pm as a compassionate human being against the Tories who know the price of everything and the value of nothing!
    We should never forget: Justice 4 Grenfell!

  3. God rest the victim’s souls, and grant them & their loved ones justice.

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