Vid: Umunna’s #BBCQT self-awareness fail – ‘sack Johnson for undermining leader on Brexit’

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Labour right-winger Chuka Umunna appeared on BBC Question Time on Thursday night and provided viewers with one moment of jaw-dropping, almost comedic irony – a complete self-awareness failure:

Umunna told the Question Time audience and viewers that if he was Prime Minister he’d ‘chuck [Boris Johnson] out’ for undermining his leader on Brexit.

Yet Umunna’s conduct during the recent local election campaign included chatting to media about stopping Brexit – and setting up a remain-leaning organisation in collaboration with MPs from the Tories and LibDems – none of which was compatible with either the Labour manifesto or Jeremy Corbyn’s intelligent handling of the Brexit issue to keep both leavers and remainers backing Labour.

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Umunna with LibDem Layla Moran and Tory Anna Soubry at the launch of ‘People’s Vote’

Immediately after the local elections, he then took to the airwaves to demand a ‘post mortem’ into Labour’s supposedly disappointing results – results that were the best in London for almost fifty years, but which saw falls in some strongly-leave areas.

May certainly should sack Boris Johnson. The man is an embarrassment to the UK as Foreign Secretary.

But Chuka Umunna’s complete self-awareness failure handily highlighted his own incompatibility with the party he represents – and the responsibility he must take for hindering it.

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  1. Chuka’s remark on QT will surely com back to bite him, especially and appropriately when the pressure grows to support reselection.

    The star of last night’s QT was undoubtedly Akala, he is smart and had done his homework. His put down of the Tory Boy in the audience, who I suspect was one of the programmes star plants, was a golden moment. We need Akala in the Labour Party asap.

    1. Correction .. the hypocridy of ALL the Blairite RW MPs is breathtaking.
      Confrence this yr must support any motions put forward for mandatory reselection

  2. Like a remnant of the Napoleonic army on its retreat from Moscow, Chuka cannot believe the Blairites have lost, and keeps his bust of Tony beside his bed.

    Wounded, during the day, he roams the streets, looking for work, but awaiting the day when i’Empereur will return.

  3. “If I were Prime Minister?”
    Yeah, right.
    Compared himself to Obama previously I understand?
    Got caught editing his own Wiki page to flatter himself?
    How could we lose with a PR genius like him as leader?

    FFS, Sideshow Bob with Homer Simpson’s brain would be a better PM but if Jeremy’s abducted by aliens I’ll give Umunna 650/1.
    Jedward get 500/1.

  4. The right-wingers – or rather, their paymasters – will eventually come to discover that they do not belong to a democratic socialist movement. On that point, I am in agreement with them. The only question is their manner of departure: deselection or defection. If only they could be incentivised to choose the latter, it will be so much better for our movement.

  5. I think there’s confusion here between a personal attack, Johnson May Crazy and a difference in political policy. For me Ummana remain or Corbyn leave I’m with the former. You must realise that JC’s May supporting Brexit agenda is contrary to his voters’ wishes. Recent polls put 72% labour voters want to remain. JC’s policies are good but he will be unable to finance them if Brexit really happens. Note UK lost a £200 million Gallileo contract from Airbus yesterday. Think of the loss of tax revenue associated with that.

  6. Carol , and I would think we inLabour would for sure NOT be in power if JC follows the RW MPs agenda to remain .
    BTW Corbyn is NOT supporting a May or Tory version Brexit (thats the LIE peddled by MSM and our own RW stooge MPs ) but one that is his own and seeks to respect the vote AND protects jobs ,workers rights , and the economy .Tax avoidance by Corps dwarfs potential Brexit loss as per manifesto

  7. Carol , it may be 72% of labour members that would vote remain, but there’s only 500,000 of them . To form a government we need millions of votes and the best information we can get about them is that a majority of them voted leave, there’s no way on earth you could poll every potential labour voter. So Mr Corbyn has to walk a very delicate line in order to keep everyone happy , which he is doing remarkably well.

  8. Carol I don’t get where you got the idea from that Corbyn is a leaver it’s wrong and what all the #FBPEers will have you think but fact is and of which many overlook Cobyn has been clear and has set the 6 tests for the Tories to meet.

    He will only agree if the Tories full-fill those 6 tests and their is fat chance of that and unlike right wingers citizens and their rights come first at the top of the list if those are not protected he will not agree that’s Labours red line and why he has voted against parts of the withdrawal bill that impact on us citizens

    He is just about the only politician that has been truthful and clear where he stands.

  9. Not the razor sharpest of thinkers?
    Self- proclaimed ‘Great Man of History’ no doubt?
    Completely devoid of ideas?
    Who put mediocre in? Mediocre Out!

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