Akala owns Tory plant on #BBCQT – but look at the woman to his right

tory plant owned

Music star Akala was the star of last night’s BBC Question Time last night – with social media buzzing over the way he ‘owned’ the obvious Tory plant in the audience who tried, from a position of complete non-experience, to pontificate about ‘traditional working class towns’.

It was a thing of beauty. But nobody yet seems to be commenting on his neighbour in the audience.

She seems to recognise instantaneously what was happening – and to take a certain Schadenfreude the young Tory’s impending humiliation, which was only ended by the intervention of host David Dimbleby:

Well done Akala – and a big hat-tip to the prescient neighbour.

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  1. Nothing but a tories twit did I get that right might be slightly wrong word here

  2. You’ve got to feel sorry this young Tory party plant, he must be dying with embarrassment. The Tory party minders who set him up for this have obviously failed in their duty of care towards him.

  3. Kept looking in his lap as if the answer might be on his cheat sheet – the lady to his right looked too so maybe we’ll find out, you never know.
    My guess is the Young Selfservatives had a bit of a group think over tiffin that morning, decided on a question by afternoon tea, checked it with CCHQ and Walter won the draw to ask it.
    Hardly surprising when you look at the shower he learned his politicking from that he thought the question unanswerable – so he was totally unprepared for it being knocked out of the park. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    That’s one little Walter won’t be so quick to assume he’s the thinker in the room.

    1. Yes apparently just like Camamoron he thought he’d be quite good at it actually

  4. What an incredibly racist question to ask. That is the type of question one would expect a member of the BNP or EDL to ask.

    The Tory party appears to be riddled with racists from its cabinet to its supporters, from top to bottom.

    It is becoming increasingly clear that the Conservative Party is institutionally racist and is in complete denial of that fact.

    1. There’s no Waitrose in Liverpool. Then again, there is not a single Tory Councillor either, never has been in the 27 years I’ve been here!

  5. Silly little twat ( oops no I mean twit according to Michael Fabricantt ) probably never set foot in a working class town

  6. Oh leave the poor boy alone. He didn’t write his question and he probably spent hours practising it in the mirror after being handed it by his Tory controller. He was well protected by his minder next to him……..

  7. The woman to his right is his mother. Look closely at the facial features. His mother. Her look was one of immense pride in her #ToryBoy, making his political debut on live #TeamTory #BBC. No schadenfreude from mum, but from thousands of folk across the UK. Yet more shame from #DimbleDum, calling him by his first name ‘Hallam’ and #BBCBullshitCorp.

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