More pressure on May to resign – she personally vetoed NHS doctor visas

es visa veto.png

Yet more pressure is piling onto Theresa May with the revelation in tonight’s Evening Standard that she personally vetoed visas for Indian doctors desperately needed by the NHS.

Hospital trusts went public last week on the dangers the block – which has prevented the arrival of hundreds of doctors just since last December – has posed to NHS patients.

graun doc visas.png

May has so far clung on during the huge scandal of the abuse of Windrush citizens by throwing now-former Home Secretary Amber Rudd under a bus and by lying to MPs and the nation, but calls for her resignation continued to increase, even before the emergence of this latest outrage.


The exposure of her personal role in knowingly putting the lives of NHS patients at risk by means of another potentially racist block on the immigration of medics must surely prise her desperate fingers from their diminishing hold on the keys to Downing Street.

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  1. Theresa May is a menace to the security and safety of the public and the nation.

    She must stand down for the good of the country.

  2. Seriously ??!!!
    Just who does this despot think she is?
    The lunatics really have taken over the asylum, good and proper. Jeez there was me thinking that they had it bad with Tango-man, but no this lunatic is far far more dangerous. Come on for goodness sake, I can’t believe even “the party faithful” are still able to justify to themselves her remaining in number 10.
    I wish I could wake up from this living nightmare, please someone restore our country’s integrity

  3. Theresa May and her close advisors are obviously incapable of joined up thinking. They self evidently never think through the inevitable consequences of their actions and how they impact on us all.

    Their lack of any political awareness is astounding.

    Surely by now even Theresa May must have realised that she is simply not up-to the job.

  4. There’s something appallingly imperialist about tempting/bribing doctors from less developed nations to work here and save Britain the cost of training its own NHS staff.
    It’s not as if India, Pakistan or anywhere else in Asia can easily afford to lose the doctors and nurses we should be paying to train.

    1. I should probably add that, of more than a score of brilliant Asian doctors I’ve only ever had an issue with one.
      I still maintain he could have been gentler ramming that traffic cone down my urethra.
      Are STD clinics still hidden away in boiler rooms? It’s been a while.
      Place I went to was the actual armpit of the NHS.

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  5. £11,000,000 paid out in last 3 years by Home Office for illegal detention (ITV News)

  6. According to the Daily Express “The Tories do not appear to have suffered any loss of popularity from the Windrush scandal”. It really is quite insulting that they expect us to believe that. For a lie to work it has to at least be credible.

  7. The Tories’ PR experts teach them the best way to dress, stand, talk, and avoid answering questions. But they can’t do anything about the cold eyes of Theresa May.

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