Video: May has a ‘Windrush problem’ – she knew they were citizens and did it anyway

Theresa May attempted to extricate herself – and her partner in crime Amber Rudd – from the scandal of the racist abuse of the Windrush generation by repeating a probably focus-grouped mantra ad nauseam:

They are British. They are part of us.

Perhaps she was hoping we wouldn’t notice. But as Channel 4 News’ Krishnan Guru-Murthy pointed out, all this did was highlight the fact that May and her party have a ‘Windrush problem’:

kgm may wr.png

Her mantra admits that she knew the Windrush generation people she and her policies were victimising and hounding are – and always were – British citizens.

And she did it anyway.

As this video shows, the hook she is on – and the suffering she has inflicted on British citizens – is entirely of her own making and her opponent at PMQs (Prime Minister’s questions) knows it too:


After lies and finger-pointing, May is now trying to wriggle out of responsibility for her decisions by claiming she will offer compensation and ‘free’ citizenship to those abused by her policies.

But it’s far too little, much too late – and as Jeremy Corbyn pointed out,

It’s not an act of generosity to waive citizenship fees when they’re British citizens already.

Corbyn challenged Amber Rudd to resign in today’s PMQs and the most likely outcome is still that May will use Rudd as a human shield – but her own culpability is such that throwing Rudd under a bus is unlikely to make this go away.

Because May’s ‘Windrush problem’ is her own and her party’s fundamental inhumanity – and the arrogance toward the rest of us that it engenders.

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  1. Jacob Rees-Mogg blames ‘socialism’ for Windrush


    “I do not believe that the interests of the collective allow you to crush individuals who may get in your way. I believe that we are a nation built on the individual, so that the rights of each individual are a valuable and important thing, to be protected by the government …
    I will draw a parallel with the Windrush issue. The Windrush issue came about because the state put the interests of the collective ahead of those individuals who had come here perfectly legally prior to 1973, and that it was more convenient for the Home Office to make them prove who they were and show their papers. This is socialism”

    ….. and there was I thinking that Windrush happened because the Tories encouraged and fostered a “hostile environment” within the Home Office

  2. Reece-Mogg seems to confuse socialism with authoritarianism, which is an ironic thing for a particularly authoritarian authoritarian to do

    1. It takes a ‘skilled wordsmith’ like Reece-Mogg to contort fascism into socialism

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