We’re supposed to think Javid will end ‘hostile environment’? His record suggests not

Former Communities Secretary Sajid Javid has been appointed to replace Amber Rudd as Home Secretary.

Judging by the apparently-coordinated media and social media campaign from Establishment figures, we’re supposed to think that a ‘BAME’ (black, Asian, minority ethnic) Home Secretary marks an end to the remote, callous and frankly racist policies of the ‘hostile environment’ that have so harmed the ‘Windrush generation’.

Javid’s record, however, suggests otherwise.

‘More Thatcherite than Thatcher’

javid thatcher.png

In 2014, when Javid followed Maria Miller as Culture Secretary, Javid was ‘hailed‘ by a Tory commentator as the first ‘real son of Thatcher’ to reach the Cabinet.

Thatcher’s record of heartlessness – ‘Thatcher the milk-snatcher’ was coined after one of her less vile policies and former mining communities still bear the scars of the brutal, illegal attacks on the miners – is well-known.

But she was also ‘unabashedly racist‘, according to Australian minister Bob Carr.

In 1978, Thatcher told ITV’s World in Action programme that:

People are really rather afraid that this country might be swamped by people with a different culture.

Javid has already established his own record of at least borderline-racist comment, with this unpleasant tweet about the features of Labour’s Jewish then-leader, Ed Miliband:

javid miliband.png

As of this morning, the 2014 tweet – reminiscent of the S*n’s racist picture of Miliband eating a bacon sandwich – remains undeleted.

A ‘real son of Thatcher’ as Home Secretary will do nothing to calm the fears or distress of Windrush generation or other Commonwealth citizens under attack by this government.

Incompetence – or heartlessness?


The Establishment line is that Javid will come in to ‘sort out’ the longstanding problems in the Home Office. This conveniently ignores the fact that the deportations, denials of treatment etc were not ‘problems’ but policies – but it also ignores the fact that Javid has, so far, displayed no noticeable competence in his previous roles.

Almost a year ago, when Grenfell Tower was destroyed in that terrible blaze that took so many lives, Theresa May promised that survivors would be rehoused in permanent homes within three weeks. By February 2018, just fifty-eight families had been rehomed.

As Communities Secretary, Javid had direct responsibility for that process – yet just last month he told Grenfell families not to expect a solution for at least another year, as their Labour MP pointed out this morning:

edc javid.png

Not only that, but the Grenfell families are fighting immigration issues that they were promised would not be held against them.

As Communities Secretary, Javid also refused cash for sprinklers to prevent a repeat of the Grenfell horror in thousands of potentially dangerous high-rises.

So his record of putting right ‘problems’ is dire.

At best, these failures represent gross incompetence. Just as likely, they reflect a complete lack of empathy and concern for people in terrible circumstances not of their making – which bodes ill for our Windrush citizens and those in a similar plight.

Uninhabitable housing

In 2016, Tory MPs appalled observers by voting against a Labour amendment to require rented housing to be fit for human habitation.

In another demonstration of heartlessness, Javid was one of seventy-two Tory MPs who voted against the amendment – and who have registered as receiving at least £10,000 a year income as a landlord.

Javid considered – unsurprisingly – the income of landlords more important than actually requiring that homes people live in be fit for people to live in.

Theft from disabled people

Also in 2016, Javid voted to force through legislation that would cut £30 a week from a vital benefit for hard-pressed disabled people – and made public statements defending the decision.

javid esa.png

The Tories have been condemned by the United Nations for its inhumane treatment of disabled people – treatment that has pushed a shocking forty-three percent of disabled benefit claimants to attempt suicide.

Sajid Javid has been an enthusiastic participant in the implementation of the policies that have created this horrendous situation for our disabled citizens.


Most directly worrying of all is Javid’s own personal voting record on immigration matters. Analysis by lawyer Katie Newbury shows it to be relentlessly vile – as just a small selection of her tweets this morning shows:

kn kn sj.png

The whole, alarming thread can be viewed here.


Four years of horror – caused by policies created by Theresa May and enthusiastically pursued by the Home Office under the now-departed Amber Rudd – have blighted the lives of people who have always been UK citizens yet were treated as criminals and interlopers by a heartless Tory government.

We are supposed to believe that will change under a man with a history of enthusiastically pursuing the abuse of some of our most vulnerable citizens – and a track record of failure in helping even the survivors of the Grenfell tragedy, either with rehoming or with immigration issues.

Yeah, right.

This is the Tory party, so anyone that might succeed Rudd would be a horror. But by choosing a ‘real son of Thatcher’ as the new Home Secretary, May is in fact sending a clear signal to everyone blighted by Tory policies that it’s business as usual.

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  1. Tories, scratch below the surface and (with very few exceptions) they are all the same. Some are just a little better at hiding it than others.

  2. I said to me dad yesterday afternoon that it’d be javid. Have we heard that his father arrived here with just £1 in his pocket, yet?!

    It won’t be long…

    1. The BBC is painting the picture for us:
      “The son of a Pakistani bus driver”
      ” someone who has already expressed public anger about the Windrush fiasco.”
      “a boy from an immigrant family who worked hard”
      “the Windrush scandal felt “very personal” to him as coming from a family of immigrants “it could have been me, my mum or my dad”.”
      All that fluff (and more) in one BBC article …

      1. Quelle surprise… The type that pulls up the ropeladder.

      2. ” someone who has already expressed public anger about the Windrush fiasco.”

        Yep, of course. That anger come before or after he thanks the previous home sec ‘for all her good work’?

        I’m sure his promotion will assuage any ‘anger’ that should be directed towards the PM, too…

  3. And…

    The former SoS for Communities & Local Govt has seen tory Northampton council go bust…And even the council in his own Bromsgrove constituency is on the verge of bankruptcy.


    Marvellous choice…I suppose he’s the best of a bad bunch – which says a lot for the competence of ANY of them.

    Surely it can’t be much longer now???

  4. and for his job – he’s to be replaced by Brokenshire who was like a breath of fresh air in Northern Ireland – fresh air and nothing else! He must surely have been the worse Secretary for NI we have EVER had as he did absolutely NOTHING in the whole time he was there.

  5. Is Sajid Javids promotion not a good thing for Labour. He will get more airtime and be shown up as the odious person that he is, couple that with the equally odious Ms McVeigh, the compulsive liar Boris and Mr Gove who as the principals of an amoeba and will gladly stab anyone in the back for a bigger piece of the pie, and many others all led by the hide and seek champion, strong and stable Theresa may. They cannot muster a descent moral principal between them.Yes, things are looking better for labour by the day.

    1. Everything & everyone you mention have been there in some capacity since 2010 and STILL the MSM covers for the lot of them across the board. With Grenfell we’ve seen a berlusconi AND bush style reaction to a major disaster and STILL the media refuse to upbraid any violation of justice – lawful OR natural.

      And although these things have gone on since 2010, it wasn’t any good for ‘austerity light’ labour (ed moribund and the weirdo ed balls) in 2015…There was no difference – Until Corbyn was elected.

      It was better in 2017, but by Christ the f**kwit bliarites the party has clinging on are destroying any advantage the party gets handed to them by the other un-mandated f**wits in charge of the Country.

      Not a lot will change until the next election and I’m statrting to think if things don’t go well this week, they’ll hang on for the full term – And even then most of the current cabinet gobshites will keep their seats anyway…

  6. Does not matter what colour you paint a tory, blue, a pretty red bus or any other colour you have to ask yourself the question, if you had to trust them would you ask them to help, if the answer is no the well it time the tory must go, not just a few measly ministers the whole lot and with them a new set of laws that means accountability responsibility and if necessary quality jail time when there policies knowingly cause self harm

  7. he is sufficiently sure of himself to say something extreme give him time Now interrogate interrogate his successor about what he found to confirm the inactivity about grenville to protect them selves Remember how you came into that office and guard your back.

  8. Keep an eye out as regards deportations,because you must not be drawn into thinking that there will be any change in policy by the Home Office given Javid’s previous voting record.

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