Video: May admits she knew about deportation targets. Her resignation must follow

Amber Rudd’s resignation this morning was inevitable when she was revealed to have misled MPs and the nation by claiming there were no Home Office deportation targets. Her replacement by Sajid Javid – a minister with a dire voting record on immigration and of callous incompetence in office – bodes ill for the Windrush generation and others like them.

But a Theresa May slip this morning in a televised interview means that her own position is now even more untenable, because she not only participated in but also endorsed the lie – knowing that it was a lie:

As author Alex Nunns has pointed out, this means that when May made a statement of full confidence in Rudd over the issue, she did so knowing Rudd had lied:

nunns may admission

The BBC has mentioned the admission but without drawing attention to its significance – and is still talking about Javid’s ‘space’ to show his intent.

But there is no space. May endorsed a lying Home Secretary – and has now admitted that she knew it was a lie when she stated her full confidence in Amber Rudd.


The UK’s Prime Minister has just rendered her own resignation obligatory. Nothing she, Javid or anyone else can do will undo that.

As Labour front-bencher Dawn Butler said last week – an apology is not enough.

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  1. I expect Theresa May will start most of her answers at PMQs this week with

    “I want to be clear”

  2. On the Today Programme this morning, a Tory, I think it was Damian Green, did not dispute the idea that the landing cards were destroyed under the coalition government.

    How starkly this contradicts May’s claim that they were destroyed under Labour!

  3. Strong and Stable leadership, so Ruddy hot even Minister’s are resigning as they can’t stand the heat lol

    1. I don’t think any of us would expect Chris Grayling to know anything about anything, he’s made a complete bollocks of every single department he’s ever been in charge of.

      1. 😀 Too true!

        But then again, which one of them HASN’T?

  4. May and her gang of inept idiots who lie and cheat their way through Parliament. The whole thing is a bloody disgrace and this government is an embarassment to us all. One complete feck up after another and who pays the price? And in PMQs she has no answers to any questions put to her, just repeating meaningless soundbites and ending with ‘And Labour wants to bankrupt the country!’

    Now look what’s happening with Brexit. The NI question is still unsolvable, thanks to her beholding to the DUP and not daring to entertain any chance of a border in the Irish Sea, which is, according to EU Ministers, the only workable solution. This is the single most important decision of a generation or two, and we have these inept and clueless idiots overseeing it. We’re well and truly fecked – up sh*t creek without a paddle. She has put us in hock to the DUP and so there is no solution, unless its a solution that pleases the DUP. Sod the rest of us.

    Angry doesn’t cut it. My 10-year old Patterdale terrier has more brain power than this lot put together.

  5. T.May must not be allowed to FOOL the VOTERS as Thursday 3rd.MAY she will have answer to the ELECTORATE.Amber Rudd is not the only person .who initiated the present 📦 Chaos on the Deporting of COLONIAL citizens ,who have given there life’s work 🏢 to the MOTHER LAND only to end up 👆 treated like SLAVE Labour .The ex Home Secretary started this policy..we can not wait for the release of Documents under the 50year Rule 📏.the motion of no CONFIDENCE should be laid before Parliment .By J.Corbin and let the Voters have there SAY.good bye 🙋 T.May and take the dirty Dozen DUP WITH YOU.

  6. How many British citizens are stuck in West Indies,and prevented from coming back here due to the Home Office?

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