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The Tory government’s treatment of disabled people has been so abominable that it was denounced by the United Nations for its failure to treat people with disabilities as, well, people. A litany of failures included disadvantaging disabled people on education, access to health care, independent living, housing and social protection.

Failures so extreme that the UN categorised it as ‘segregation’.

The government was heavily criticised for piling responsibilities onto local authorities without providing them with funding to carry them out. The lot of people from black and ethnic minority backgrounds with a disability was found to be even more horrendous.

The Tories have learned nothing from their censure by the UN – and they continue to harry people with disabilities.

Over fifty thousand people have had their ‘motability’ vehicles removed. The DWP (Dept for Work & Pensions) heaps routine misery on disabled people, making even those whose conditions will never improve undergo pointless, humiliating testing – and often declaring fit for work those who will never be, reducing or removing their support or at best making it conditional.

The Tories changed disability benefits from DLA (Disability Living Allowance) to PIP (Personal Independence Payments) in 2013, even though they knew that the change would push over 85,000 people into poverty. Now they are rolling PIP into Universal Credit (UC) as that system goes live across the country, even though they have been clearly told that it will be a disaster even for people who are not (yet) disabled.

It will be misery on misery for many who are.

The SKWAWKBOX wants to put a spotlight on the human cost of those cases. If you, a loved one or friend have been have stories to tell of your treatment by the DWP or its agents with regard to your PIP, please email whatever details you are happy to have on record to skwawkboxpip@outlook.com. And if not, please share to let others know.

Thank you.

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  1. What are your sources for this article, tried to find this UN reprimand! Are you doing fake news on the back of disabled people misery? Share your source material. Party politically motivated stirring does not do anything to address the daily discrimination, bias, ignorance towards the disabled community. This scandalous behaviour of disabled is cross party, cross cultural.

    1. Is Google too hard for you? Took 4 seconds to find a long list of references showing the govt being reprimanded by the UN, such as http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/un-disabled-rights-uk-government-denounced-criticised-united-nations-austerity-policies-a7923006.html.

      Or were you too eager to get your attack in to bother checking your facts? Your other points are badly skewed. Of course there are some Labour MPs who are biased against disabled MPs – but then there are some Labour MPs who shouldn’t be Labour MPs.

      However, taken on balance by a million miles the most damaging party to disabled people is the Tory party.

    1. Hello my son has been passed to PIP now Enhanced rate and a 10 year link.
      My concerns are he had an indefinite claim attached to his DLA but this has been stopped on the transfer to PIP. I am aware he has a 10 year attached but it’s not acceptable if his situation is not going to get better and he will actually become more acceptable to health issues. He has a severe learning disability, Autism, Epilepsy and challenging behaviour.
      I started to campaign when the DLA was changing with a petition to introduce the indefinite claim on the PIP and to stop the assessments for people with long term conditions. My petition is st change.org

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